Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feds Get Backed Down Like The Ultimate Socialist Pussies They Really Are

They got a wolf ticket and their nerve failed. Americans won, worldwide communism lost. One day in a long war and the good guys won this one.

They knew what they were fighting for, BLM lackeys, do you have anything you'd die for? No? Best keep that in mind.

I predict if shooting had started this small group would have kicked their asses despite them having overwhelming force, armoured cars and the best weapons that money could buy. At the end of the day they are government employees and only like to kill unarmed women and children who are cooperating peacefully. They don't have the stomachs for a real guerrilla clash because they are weaklings and fools drawing a paycheck to enforce the NWO.

This is why the American Civil War is going to rage long and hard when it begins. Australians would never understand these kinds of people. They're men and they have principles. They don't allow their government to beat them down in the way that Aussies call their "reasonability." It's an American thing. It has a lot to do with Americans having a lot more average testosterone in their bloodstreams than Australian "men" do. A woman will take the easiest and most sensible route and submit. Some men you have to kill because they just won't knuckle under like they are supposed to. You can see why it is so important to keep your people well armed. You can also see why their most important propaganda goal is always demonising men and maleness. It is the only opposition they have to worry about.

I have the weight of modern science and biology on my side when I say that deep down, every communist is a gutless coward who is an opportunist, not an idealist. Free men will die for what they believe in but a communist is only interested in other people dying for what they believe in.


samhuih said...

Seems he hasn’t paid grazing fees for a long time. According to the link at the bottom they are very small $1.35 per animal. He’s been doing this for a long time. What can you get for a cow? According to this market page,

Steers: Live Basis: (all Grades: 940 head) 124.00-126.00

Far as I’m concerned he’s ripping me off. The problem being they’re only moving him because a Senator gave a deal to the Chinese. Total land grab corruption. They hardly need to have snipers on him nor put up free speech zones. My original idea was that it may be a test too see what it takes to crush someone and what the reaction would be. So a few BLM agents get shot up. Cost of business. I was a little ashamed of that idea. Thinking it’s a little too conspiratorial but it’s starting to seem a little more reasonable. Especially the free speech zone business. What’s that about? I know someone had to order the BLM to do this. I doubt the BLM agents would have thought up such a atrocious idea on their own. Here’s a page that’s balanced and covers the facts fairly well if your interested.

You know the real story here is the Fed gov uses its agents as cannon fodder. The agents must see this. Its been reported that the agents were very uncomfortable being put in the position of taking some one else's property. Being ordered to put up limited free speech zones and arresting people for free speech violations must make them feel like fools. After all the leftist causing havoc all these years in the name of "free speech" they could not help but feel they're being used. You can be a stripper or a faggot or transvestite howling in front of a church and it's free speech. For the large majority of the trusted civil servants of the BLM forget protecting the land, arresting poachers, stopping smuggling, stopping illegal immigration but by God we'll shut up those ranchers. They must feel like complete tools. I bet this is not the last of this though. False flags keep happening. I believe they're going to nuke a city at one point. The only way to stop them is to make the leaders and their top minions pay. They don't care about the agents, the troops or anyone else. Jews suck. Every where they go becomes a waste land.

cbenediccengi said...

the Russians are the last real white men on the planet. hard as fuck.

Texas Arcane said...


Looks like he signed his lease at certain grazing fees and the Fed has been arbitrarily jacking up rates everywhere it can to raise cash for their plummeting bankrupt government.

This guy was withholding fees on the principle that he signed his lease at a certain level and then the Fed decided to break their contract and jack the rate up regardless of what they agreed to citing "necessity."

I can't imagine if I was working in the BLM I would trust the government to do anything but send me ill-prepared straight into a civilian ambush that would see me cut off, my armoured vehicle disabled and burned to death inside with a molotov. Like I said, these guys have no cause they are willing to die for. Smarter than people give them credit for.

Texas Arcane said...


I love the Russians.

Notice how when white men started to dominate boxing across the world (Russians) boxing literally got blacked out as a sport and is no longer promoted in the mass media at all.

KW Jackson said...

They'll wait for everyone to go home then raid him like a Detroit home invader - because that's what Gov revenue collectors are - armed robbers.

Never forget the only reason you are trained to feel indignation at wastage of your stolen labour (tax money) is to help keep your fellow slaves down.

Russell said...

"You can also see why their most important propaganda goal is always demonising men and maleness."

If you haven't read C.S. Lewis' "Men Without Chests" I suggest you do so.

The ideas are intertwined, an emasculated male is far easier to manipulate than a male that has a spine and passion.

The Progessives have done untold damage to the US, and the conservatives have rolled right along, not fully understanding the evil, but I keep seeing Men walk around, talking softly, keeping their powder dry and their kinfolk under a watchful eye.

Dunno what's going to happen, or what will set it all off, but it won't be like the statists hope. It's not going to be pleasant, but there are glints of possible hope in there.

We'll see.