Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Doubting Government in 2014 A.D. Is Like Doubting the Vatican in 1014 A.D.

Both are infallible and it proves you are in league with the devil.

Also, they are both full of child molesters.

The Inquisition is coming back.

Nietzsche was such a brilliant man. We must always mistrust those who seem too eager to punish, he said. He was right. Psychotics don't want to preserve law and order. They want an excuse to punish people for whatever imaginary violations of it they can cook up. It is in their nature to take pleasure in hurting others. They aren't worth a damn and torture always helps takes their mind off that fact.

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dublinsmick said...

Witch burning, they would never do anything like that said Joan of Arc!

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