Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bloom(ingInsane)Berg Thinks You Can Buy Slots In Heaven

Check it out. This guy thinks people who have paid in advance can skip the interview in heaven. (*By paying in advance with far left Marxist totalitarian political initiatives *)

Remember, every sin can be forgiven a man who is genuinely repentant. The only sin that will not be forgiven is the refusal of the Holy Spirit. Bloomberg explains how he doesn't need it, he is on the advance reservation list. This guy has one hell of a surprise waiting for him when he gets there.

1 comment:

Russell said...

At the end there was this little tidbit:

'He added: “We’ve got to make them [The NRA and their members] afraid of us.”'


Dude's on a short bus to somewhere very, very warm, he's got the crazy flag flying, and thinks somehow an effete New Yorker is going to scare a bunch of good ol' boys?

The NRA leadership? Maybe they'll get weak in the knees. Got some good guys in there and some losers and they have a history of forgetting they have spines and balls, but the general membership tends to think New York is cesspool and couldn't give a rat's ass about their groupthink.

What, crack down with more government intrusion? Yeah, good luck with that, poke a sleeping bear and see how that works out. Right now they're sucking up the honey thinking the bear is stupid and lazy and won't change past behavior to wake up and take back the honey. Maybe they are right, but if history is any guide, it's not the smart way to bet.

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