Sunday, April 20, 2014

American Weimar Republic

The historical parallels are incredible. More and more, the United States is looking like a combination of itself in 1918 and Germany in 1929.

All the retail is closing. Obviously - there are no customers.


Chris from Sydney said...

Hilarious deleted scene from the Blu-ray edition of Idiocracy.

Oh wait.....

Here's another one,

I can't believe that grown men are defending this silly bitch who thinks a safety briefing giving vital safety information is the time to act all silly and who thinks it's Ok to deviate from the script to tell us about her divorce and other crap.

Air emergencies are not funny.

Read the comments on the youtube, these Sap's are all laughing thinking it's funny. They really think that they are gods and that nothing bad could ever happen to them because they be Kwastainians and all.

There really is a big difference between the people who exhibit genetics to survive an ice age and those born to freeze.

As Australia will not get cold enough I'm thinking of moving somewhere it will be colder, like Estonia or Finland for instance.
At least I won't have the stress of dealing with Saps anymore.

Texas Arcane said...


If ever there were a time to be serious with no funny business it is giving the emergency instructions in an air cabin before takeoff. I agree with you.

I think this youtube video would be funny if she tried to deliver the exact same monologue while the plane was plunging earthward in an out of control spiral with zero G inside the passenger section and everybody screaming so loudly they were giving themselves hernias. I don't think they would be so indifferent to hearing the exact instructions at that point without the irreverence.

Texas Arcane said...


I found an even worse one :

Kwanzanies have such short attention spans the only way you can get them to listen is to turn it into rap. Mike Judge needs to put this into his sequel to IDIOCRACY.

Texas Arcane said...


Again, Chris, I am not certain who is dumber here. The airlines or the passengers who can't even be quiet and listen to emergency safety instructions at the start of the flight.

I remembered when I flew down her to Melbourne some guy was talking loudly over the attendant and I had to tell him "Sir, I can't hear these instructions. She will have to start again if you keep talking."

Publius said...

@Tex: We as a family are "taking the plunge," actively pursuing emigration.
I have to admit, it was a tough existential leap.
In a way, it's like a kind of death - leaving the old identity, being willing to take on a new.

But at least we will be together as a family. My wife's friends are getting divorced, left and right. Somehow, despite our issues, we are staying committed. And we haven't even made the leap of faith to Christianity yet! I am moving in that direction, I can tell.

@Chris: the stewardess is so obnoxious, I can't believe it. I can't wait to get out of this country. The laugh track - good lord. Could you imagine our elders from the 50's acting that way?

Chris James said...

"Could you imagine our elders from the 50's acting that way?"

Pretty much what I think every time I hear a fellow Kwanstanian speak or read their writing. It's been long since I've encountered adult presentation, outside of a few fringe venues (like here) or my family gatherings. Living in America is like having to watch a CBS sitcom 24/7, and all the hipster snark, irony, vulgarity, and banality that that entails. That's when it's not like watching pro wrestling and the pseudo-masculine chest puffing and white trashery that entails.