Monday, April 21, 2014

Agenda 21

A picture really does say a thousand words when it is created by Dees.

This is their dream for mankind. Little slaves biking up and down control paths to and from their sleeping cubicles overseen by a sky filled with drones. Perfectly captures the purpose behind Agenda 21.

See, they say. We want what is best for mankind. Therefore the end justifies the means. Humans will be able to "see" the natural world but they will be forbidden contact with it because as we all know, they are a "cancer" on the planet that must be eliminated.

Crimes can happen at night so a curfew will be imposed at sundown. The drones switch over to lethal weapons at that time. It is forbidden to exit one's habitat after curfew upon penalty of death. People might sneak onto the nature reserve to "harm" the environment.

New Age Coolies On The Global Workfarm Plantation

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Chris James said...

In a way, I can see where they are coming from. Sapiens can only desecrate and destroy. Note how he never developed an architecture -or anything else, really- that was complimentary with the natural world, functionally or aesthetically. Such a being who could would never have created the strip mall or urban sprawl. Nature is just another backdrop for his murder, vandalism, venery, and lulz.

They would be right to ban Sapiens from such contact with the sublime...if it weren't for the fact that they purposely don't distinguish between Sapiens and actual humans.