Sunday, April 27, 2014

10,000 B.C.

I highly recommend this movie if you have not seen it.

The director is the same zeitgeist bloodhound who made THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

The public didn't like it and I think it tanked at the box office. I liked it so much I bought it on DVD and watch it every month or so. Not a great plot and the acting isn't top notch.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will love it. It's got nearly everything we have ever talked about up here.

You got your Neanderthals being preyed upon by Sapiens slave dealers, a Neanderthal hero who gives up everything to rescue his true love, you got your Saps slaves working on the original proto-pyramid. The Neanderthal hero of course can talk to the animals and has a super beast friend like Enkidu. At the climax (spoiler) the evil Atlantean refugee melonhead gets his with one amazing javelin toss. Looks like Neanderthals can throw after all. There is even a subplot where it seems like Neanderthals can talk to their kin through some kind of dream state or hive mind telepathy. What more could a Vault-Co reader ask for?

… and I almost forgot the cryptozoic muppet dinosaur birds! It's got it all!

I should have been paid royalties on this film as story consultant... except it bombed anyway and I don't think the checks would be worth cashing. :)

The theme of the melonheads too few in number that they could not even risk appearing in front of the slaves and having to build pseudo-religions to make people think they were "gods" was spot-on. Loved this stuff. Also the obsession with building monolithic structures.

They had to make the Neanderthals sort of multicultural but the rest of the film is so tight it is the best you can expect out of the Hollyweird propaganda machine. Hollyweird likes to teach that white people only came into existence back in the 1800s or thereabouts and before this everybody was black and from Africa. Makes about as much sense as scientology but there you have it.


bicebicebice said...

Nice watch, Roland Emmerich knows whats up.

styrac1 said...

Humbaba vindicated:

P.S. The movie was a piece of trash. Unwatchable.

Alec said...

Why do you think the slave king had such a tall head-dress?

Texas Arcane said...


To cover his huge head. :)