Monday, March 17, 2014

Will Baltisore Be The Next To Fall After Detroit?

The embetterment and enrichmentation proceeds apace. I am glad I left this country, it is a doomed nation.

Like dominoes, one after another.

What do all these cities have in common?

They were all modern, wealthy, prosperous, successful, safe metropolises that represented victories of civilization over barbarism. Like the nation formerly known as Rhodesia, they are all falling back into tribal wilderness. We Americans used to subscribe to National Geographic so we could read about far-off places where the locals lived in a primeval state barely better than that of animals. We brought the people from those places to the United States and now the United States looks more and more like those places we only used to read about in magazines. Turns out there was nothing physically wrong with the geography of those countries any more than there is anything special about the soil in the Americas.

First you alienate them from their own heritage and everything else will follow.

My friend, if you think America's huge roster of nuclear-armed enemies have failed to take notice of all this, you are mistaken. The whole world has been watching and they can smell the weakness of this Balkanized nation all the way across the Atlantic. Everybody knows they are ripe to be put out of their misery like a sick dog the same way all the tribes around the Roman Empire knew they were due for the scrap heap of history. Everybody smells blood in the water and they know the end is coming for these decadent, fragmented people.

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