Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Lousy Embedded Design Hits Mankind Right In The Pocket Book Every Day

Having the wrong guys make the important decisions ten years ago led directly to this.

I guarantee you, there isn't a competent embedded programmer on the planet who made this recommendation to management. I occupy a kind of gray area between software developer and real hardcore embedded coder and I never met anybody who knew their own ass from a hole in the ground who would have thought it a good idea to put XP on bank teller machines, even the embedded version.

The problem is the competent people are not the one who make these decisions. That's why the West is falling apart. Life is not a meritocracy.

I've met so many people who are so much more talented than I will ever be and they are all usually in the same place - way in the back of the building in a little room clearly designed to quarantine them off from the rest of the corporation. Smart people are treated like typhoid carriers who have to be kept isolated. That's why the West is falling apart.

I am always stunned when I meet these little guys who work part-time or fixed contract and they turn out to be brighter than anybody else in the company, particularly the managers. They're the guys nobody listens to and everybody takes with a grain of salt. The brightest guys are always excluded from any decision making at that company despite being the only ones really qualified to make any decisions. It doesn't matter to me because I am a mercenary and a bandit - contractors like me always get paid before it is over. It doesn't matter if I come in one morning and discover a gigantic smoking crater where the company used to be ... there is always a guy standing there to give me my check. Just think of me as an impartial observer - you don't want to know what I see when I look at the modern corporation. They are not equipped to succeed at anything and that is how they like it.

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Russell said...

What's even better is that the same idiots that made that decision have and still are making the same sort of decisions about so many things.

This can't end well.