Sunday, March 9, 2014

Whistleblower From World Bank Says It Is All True

Just like you thought.

There is also a note of hope in this article.

It points out ... it is getting much harder to do what they have always done. The technology, the communication system, the social changes ... are not quite as easy to manage as they had planned.


KW Jackson said...

Truth needs no permission.

JeffreyJerpp said...

What do you say Tex....are there full fledged melonheads still alive, somewhere on this planet?

Texas Arcane said...


Trick question?

JeffreyJerpp said...

Sorry for being unclear. She seemed to be referring to full fledged, Malta level melonheads, vs. your modern slightly diluted melon.

samhuih said...

I think she's Jewish. She tries to hide her Jewish looks in other pictures. Look at her on this video. Looks Jewish.

Here's a quote from her at another site,

"...On Israel, and the Jewish and Catholic religions, Ms. Hudes had this to say: “The people in Israel are not in agreement that their government consists of thieves that are ripping off the world. They don’t know about what’s going on…I was in touch with the representative of the Israeli government on the board of the World Bank. And we were working together to try to figure out how to bring all of the people in the Middle East together so that it’s a happy place so it’s not a place ridden with conflicts…you know the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria are mercenaries. Everybody knows that…I told the [Jewish people] to get ready when the world learns about who these crooks are and what they’ve been doing because some of them happen to be Jewish. Does this mean that the Jewish religion is wrong? Absolutely not. And let’s switch a little bit to the Catholic religion. The Jesuits own Bank of America. They’ve been in on these nefarious practices. And if people start looking at the flow of funds and they find out that the money from their taxes, Internal Revenue, is ending up in the Vatican Bank account, how do you think they’re going to find what’s going on there?...People have got to be discerning. THEY HAVE TO SEE WHAT’S WHAT (emphasis mine)... and I’m not saying that if you’re religious, you’re a dupe, no, no, that’s not what I’m saying, because these [bankers] are very good at putting words in your mouth…[People of all religions] have many, many common enemies. If we would only learn to work together, we can get some progress. Why is that our world looks so ridiculous. Are we that inept?...We have to admit that we were manipulated. We have to admit that we were duped.”

So some of what she says must be true to get your interest. The Jews are innocent of money manipulation? HA! The Vatican stuff is probably false. Melonheads at the Vatican, probably in Israel or Europe.