Wednesday, March 26, 2014

West Lost 500 Years of Basic Law In Ten Years

Everywhere you look in the world now, the government is giving themselves permission to skip all those pesky rights won with rivers of blood for five centuries fighting tyrants like Napoleon, Cromwell and Adolph Hitler.

Because they know when to stop. After all, they're the government. The best check on the government is for them to self-check, which basically consists of themselves checking and deciding they are infallible and should be able to do whatever they want. Now you know why Cromwell, Mao and Stalin got rid of the right to bear arms first, not last.

Amerikwans aren't even trying anymore. They're so pathetic that nobody even bothers to tell them they are pathetic any longer because they're too pathetic to warrant it.

Why? The reason is that 9/10ths of mankind are beasts recently down out of the trees who really never understand anything unless it is a hollowpoint exiting a barrel pointed at them. Everything else is a little too complex for them to follow. Trusting in the sorts of people drawn to government to police themselves is identical to having a round robin session with foxes to convince them to self-police their need for eggs after giving them the key to the henhouse.

As soon as these laws fade, the first person to benefit is the local crooked cop who thinks there is now carte blanche to act like a night warden in a Mexican jail who feels he should be able to strip search incoming women at midnight. Every psychopath in the system acts like it is Christmas and decides this is the perfect time for a wild binge in which they can do anything they want. After all, the government said it is okay. That proves it is alright to stop worrying about impulse control.

A little bitch stopped my wife the other night and ordered her into a dead end street because he decided to breathalyze her. He admitted she had not been driving dangerously or done anything to warrant or suggest a test. He had just picked her at random. He added before she could really say anything, "If you don't I will arrest you and I'm not kidding." He struck a pose that he had been practicing in front of a mirror that he probably thought was impressive. You see, this guy thinks he is part of the "anti-terrorism" special squad worldwide. He almost thinks he can call Obama on the phone to discuss policy if he needs to. He's a serious individual and all those people who laughed at him or discovered he has an IQ of 91 will be sorry they ever failed to respect him. He's part of the mission and it goes right to the top. Those civilians will just need to bend over and submit or there will be hell to pay. Police forces all over the planet draw clowns like these the same way a buglight draws moths.


olebob said...

A big difference between European law and British/American law, European law never accepted individuals have certain rights the state can't tread on.

This is why I think, the USA became less and less free, as more Eastern Europeans followed the British settlers.

I hate to think what will become of the USA, when it turns > 50% non-White. Full blown Communist most likely. Won't that be a laugh?

Demographics is destiny.

live and learn said...

Its true, most of the dangerous evil people are in uniform

Chris from Sydney said...

@ Olebob

'The unspoken truth of humanity is that you crave subjugation.The bright lure of 'freedom' diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You where made to be ruled.'
Loki of Asgard

Loki got it right, the cro-mag craves to be ruled. The melon craves to rule, who I am I to interfere with that genetic imperative ?

Do even us exceptional people have the right to interfere with that natural order ?

Personally I think just moving to Siberia and letting the melons and cro-mags live happily ever after by themselves might be more spiritually satisfying then trying to exist among them.
Rant over

Texas Arcane said...


Culture is nothing but a channel that genes flow into. Some demographics don't even have those channels but we are told they do they are just not trying hard enough. Also they don't have access to our magical lucky get-right soils.

The truth is, soils don't matter and demographics do. In Europe, we've been ruled by tyrants, the church and so many other a**holes you couldn't count them all. But some Europeans still thirsted to get away from these idiots and they left that hellhole for North America so they could express another channel their genetics were craving to flow into … freedom and every man a king under his own tree. The important thing was not North America, it was that they were briefly able to escape to express that genetic channel that was in them.

It is a mistake to think that genetic channel exists in everyone. It doesn't. Some people don't crave that kind of expression at all. Unfortunately, lots of those people began to migrate into the U.S. after the hard work of settling the country was done. As soon as they got there, they began to ruin everything. Most of it just happens organically because it is in their nature to degrade and deconstruct things. They can't help it they are just like that.

Some men just want to see the world burn. There are whole swaths of demographics who deep down … just want to see the world burn. They can't be faulted for it anymore than you can get angry at earwigs. They're just like that by nature. They talk a good game but anywhere they plant their feet, things will go downhill. No matter how they shriek otherwise.