Monday, March 3, 2014

Treating SADD in Long Term Shelter Inhabitants

The headset sounds pretty promising.

Low voltage UV LED lighting with full spectrum radiation is just now getting down to affordable price ranges. It is good for the plants in the hydroponics lab as well. LED lighting will last 25 years or more continuous use without burning out, so you buy a couple rolls and your shelter should be good for a century or more. After that you may have to find some replacements.

A while back we blogged about a heating device on a wristband that seemed to warm the entire body's blood flow through a single low voltage element. These would be mandatory in my next generation of vault suits. I will also use silver impregnated industrial hemp fabric in the next version because my old vault suits literally rotted away from mold inside a bag. When I entered Firehold Bravo for the last time to do my salvage run, I took one look at them and left them behind. They are interred beneath tons of sand now.


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