Sunday, March 9, 2014

Too Weird To Even Classify

This story is so strange, so wild and outlandish that I cannot believe it.

I have tried to tell my son about the hot air balloon cyclists of the late 1900's in South America and how before the government banned them they had traffic signs and intersections 7 floors above the ground in many of the major cities. It sounds so unbelievable I don't think he knows what to make of it. I can hardly believe that happened myself.

This I just can't believe. Yet, there seems to be evidence that there is something to the story.

Might make an amazing premise for a book, actually. Like the "League of Aerial Gentlemen."


edenismstudy said...

"To design and build the first navigable aircrafts using a secret formula he coded as “NB Gas” which could negate gravity and drive the ships wheels, side panels and compressor motors … all in a day’s work during an era when air travel was still viewed as a mystical impossibility."

Vimanas! Wow, these pictures are beautiful. Very interesting.

John said...

The article mentions Dellschau referring to an "NB gas," a formula for something that negates gravity. This made me think of Fort. He points out that science recognizes the presence of opposing forces in magnetism and electricity but not in gravity. Maybe gravity actually comprises two forces and Dellschau knew what the other one is.

cbenediccengi said...
I literally - as of a couple hours ago - put down a book that discusses Dellschau and other inventors of (potentially) suppressed technology. Anyone who enjoys this site should check the work of Joseph P. Farrell.

I started with his newest book 'Covert Wars and The Clash of Civilisations' and will probably buy all of his previous work just b/c of this one read.

He's a Harvard educated historian who delves into the history of the covert world and makes connections, thereof.
His books connect everything, from suppressed technology, eso-terics, black budget/drug running, elongated skulls/nephilim, Paperclip Nazis, mind name it. His ability to connect-the-dots, as it were, is outstanding.

his site,