Monday, March 3, 2014

The Real Story In The Ukraine

Here is what is really happening in the Ukraine.

I don't always have time to blog as much as I'd like in depth about these subjects.

I agree with Dr. Roberts. This is another 5 billion dollar social engineering fiasco that has destabilized a democratic government on purpose in order to gain a strategic foothold on the border of Russia. This is planned as pursuant to putting "missile defense" installations on the very perimeter of Russian territory.

Increasingly the United States in 2014 has taken on the role of the Soviet Union in 1960. They just go around the world making people unhappy, fomenting revolution, war and misery wherever they alight. They are like Satan described in the Book of Job, traveling up and down in the earth spreading wickedness and evil for its own sake.


Amy said...

"Democratically elected" officials in other countries mean nothing to them. If the will of the people doesn't fall in line with their will, it doesn't count and must be disrupted. Look what the FedGov is doing to states whose residents vote against gay marriage or gun bans: the Nine step in and impose their rule contrary to what "democratically decided" policy the people want.

China is taking notes. I'm not placing any bets favoring a US win in this stand-off.

cbenediccengi said...

live and learn said...

The US doesn't have any right say anything to Russia about their foriegn affairs. Look at vietnam, and the middle east. The US govenment has the type of hypocrisy that makes me want to puke. The general population of the US ( the ones who eat the bullshit coming from the mainstream media). Must have dangerously low brain activity. Its frightening to see what most people believe. The TV seems to puts a spell on them and they are instantly brainwashed into believing it with zero resistance on their part. I cant believe these people dont realize the game the US has been playing over the years. Maybe they are hypocrites themselves and it just seems like normal behavior to them.

samhuih said...

The evil Jew Victoria Nuland and her minions prove once again their brilliant foreign policy is one step forward two steps back.

Texas Arcane said...

@live and learn

The American people have previously dodged the results of their own stupidity on their home soil in the past but those days are coming to an end.

Since the end of WW2 they have been getting crazier and dumber each generation. Predictably, nature will get around to correcting this problem. You can't have the good life for 300 million idiots who think the Sun revolves around the Earth and professional wrestling is a real sport. They are their own worst enemy … every time they make a judgement call they dig another spade of their own grave.

If Kennedy and other men had been able to go through with their plans for civil defence, even today people who would not be smart enough to know why would still be able to survive their own idiocy. This is true in Switzerland where a lot of the population think it is a waste of money and time to continue with such vigorous building regulations on civil defence. The majority will still be thinking that when the first fallout from WW3 drifts over their nation and they suddenly realise they have a plan.

America has no such contingency. In fact, it has no contingency plan for anything of any kind.

njartist said...

The tribe in action in the Ukraine. Damn.

samhuih said...

Tex you're annoying me. I'm a US citizen. I don't "believe wrestling is real" and don't know anyone that does. I've never in my life found anyone that does.
You talk about China and Russia as if they were some kind of Wonderbar yet Russia was completely taken over by the Jews and 20 million or so were killed as a direct result. That hasn't happened in the US, yet. In China a brainic Jew inspired Mao killed what 60 million? Whatever the number it was a lot. In both Russia and China they are directly controlled by dictatorships. The US is somewhat in the same but not completely. With a big change in opinion the government could be changed. Russia and China forget it. Your insistence that ALL and EVERY American is stupid, evil and should be killed is foolish and unbalanced.

Texas Arcane said...


Your leadership will cause you a lot more than annoyance very shortly.

Kwanzania isn't worth saving and your insistence you will vote your way out shows you don't fully understand what straits your government has steered you into.

A majority of people stopped in the street in the United States were unable to think of a country with a name starting with the letter "U." Case closed.

A nation that has turned professional wrestling into a major entertainment industry ain't going back to the moon any time soon. They won't be splitting any more atoms or leading the world in engineering.

samhuih said...

You owe me an apology. Seems to me Australia gathered up all your countrymen's firearms. Are you in any better shape? If the new world order idiots take over America will they just let Australians vote for whom ever they please? If not how will you stop them, wave signs? Call them names? Plenty of stupid people in the US but you said 300 million. That means all. This is not true. I suppose all Australians are a paradigm of enlightenment and do calculus problems in traffic jams instead of texting. Do you condemn ALL people in America no matter what?

Texas Arcane said...


You must think you're on Oprah Winfrey. I don't apologize for analysis. My comments were not directed at you and there was nothing personal in what I said.

I also was not doing comparisons between Americans and Australians. That has nothing to do with what I was saying.

Sorry if it is news you don't want to hear but that is the truth. America is a doomed nation. It doesn't matter how you frame it or spin it or think positive about it or get a second opinion on it or a consensus. America is doomed. It is not an opinion. It is a statement of fact like saying the sun is going to come up tomorrow morning. I'm way past comparing teams with you. I don't care about such things.

AUSSIE said...


It's a confirmed Government stastistic that there are now more guns in circulation in Australia than at any time in the countries history! More rifles have been bought than were ever handed in and that's not even counting all the "liberty guns" that are buried in the ground!!

AUSSIE said...


It's a confirmed Government stastistic that there are now more guns in circulation in Australia than at any time in the countries history! More rifles have been bought than were ever handed in and that's not even counting all the "liberty guns" that are buried in the ground!!

Texas Arcane said...


Tell it, mate!

The 1997 gun amnesty caused a PVC pipe shortage that continues to this day! Prices on pipe lengths went up the following year and NEVER went back down to the former level. That's how many weapons were secreted in the amnesty.

Aussies hate governments with good reason. The first leader of Australia I have seen I thought was worth pissing on if they were on fire was Tony Abbott. Before him, they were all just sorry oxygen thieves of various flavours.

I am actually happy that Abbott is a Catholic because at least it means he believes in something - anything - other than world government and socialism.