Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Real Show, Never Broadcast In The U.S.

Creepy, creepy Illuminati

Fifty years ago they would not have dared be this blatant.

Increasingly, they can get away with anything. The common man is just not bright enough to understand what is happening around him anymore.

This is why I reckon there isn't much that is going to stop them. I have seen the resistance so far and it is pathetic. Call me pessimistic but this all still has a lot further to go before it has run its course.

Fifty years ago I never dreamed that there would come a generation of men on the earth like the one we have now. Somnambulent. Trance walkers. Lights on. Nobody is home. People-like critters with no souls behind those lids. So vacuous mentally they scarcely rate oxygen, you'd wonder why their brain would need it with that little activity within.


KW Jackson said...

This guy on YouTube has a good eye for the geometry in buildings.

Check his Nibiru Palace series.

Lazer said...

Yea and if you bring it up these days, your just one of those wacko conspiracy theorists.

I always like to say theres really three political parties: republicans, democrats, and the conspiracy theorists. Any thing that even slightly falls outside the former two is classed in the third.

theactiveskeptic said...

Don't the olympics happen every 4 years? If this was in 2012 why did they have winter olympics this year?

Forgive me, I just don't follow things in the main that much.

Russell said...

Christ referred to Satan as the prince of this world, this is just another confirmation of that teaching.