Sunday, March 30, 2014

Texas Booms As Kwanstainia Craters

Texas is the last American state actually run by Americans. 

Big government and big socialism are big flops wherever they are found. The world is a museum of marxist failures and Kwanstainia will soon be the prize exhibit.


Russell said...

The Marxists are working hard to change that, I wonder how long can Texas hold out?

The Lab Manager said...

As a native Texan, despite our bloviating about freedom and limited government, we do have way too many dumb laws on the books. That said, I imagine we are the least bad of all the states in that regard so hence the success.

I won't give much credit to our governor nice hair Rick Perry. He talks about freedom and limited government yet supported the trans-Texas corridor which would have bulldozed a few thousand acres of ranches and farms and then turn the enterprise over to a Spanish company to run it. Also, he and the Republican comptroller arm twisted Amazon for sales tax.

Texas Arcane said...

Rick Perry showed what a dirty tool he is when he tried to threaten Ron Paul off camera.

At the end of the day these stooges have basic personality problems with impulse control and it shows sooner or later. They are people unfit for leadership who desperately desire leadership.