Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Solutrean" Is Always A Codeword To Avoid Having To Say "Neanderthal"

These guys are obstructionists. Every time it looks like somebody is going to draw a conclusion, they throw a flashbang grenade at their feet to stun them and then pour out a bunch of obscurantist gibberish.

Why don't they allow any knowledge to change if it doesn't agree with what they have fashioned as the orthodoxy? Would it be so bad to reconsider if it results in a fantastic new revelation that clears up all those contradictory cobwebs in our heads? It is not like they are going to bleed from their ears because they nod and concede it is possible their first guess was wrong.

I think they are scared to death that like a cheap wool shirt, somebody is going to pull at a little hanging piece of yarn and the entire arm is going to slough off, followed by the whole thing unraveling. Then they won't be considered authorities any more and will have to get real day jobs instead of cushy academic positions they can hide out from the big scary real world in.