Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smearing The Murphys

The media is trying a little too hard. You have to wonder if they have a dog in this fight. It seems critical to dismiss both poison victims as delusional to the general public.

Simon Monjack did not have delusions of grandeur. In fact, he claimed he was a minor courier for various agencies between continents who routinely carried messages. He claimed prior to 9-11 he carried numerous messages to Tony Blair advising him in advance of the attack in the United States. He didn't claim to be James Bond or a key figure or anybody of importance. Just somebody who made money on the side personally delivering envelopes with private contents. Since he regularly was photographed with these people it is not too big a stretch of the imagination to say his story had evidence and some credibility.

The mass media seems to be targeting this story for the memory hole. They are hurling accusations from every side and hoping something they will stick. They were drug addicts. They were crazy people. Yet no real evidence for any of this, just hearsay from anonymous sources.

Just last week they were making up enormous amounts of blather about Philip Hoffman because they had no real access to anybody who knew much about what had happened. They made a lot of stuff up before more information became available. It is not like they have a code of honor about slandering the dead. The contrary, in fact.

The Murphys are not around to defend themselves because they are both dead of poison. Nobody is arguing they were poisoned to death but everybody is rushing to argue these poisons came from something they willingly took. I don't see that as being self-evident at all.

Before they died they were telling anyone who would listen that Simon had become a liability precisely for the fact that he was a minor player who had revealed information that was critical to exposing what really happened on 9-11. They told their friends that cleanup teams had been assigned to silence Simon and then Brittany because she was his wife. This is what they were telling people before they died. I just think that is a bit odd and any honest reporter would welcome the opportunity to look deeper. Instead the media appears to be working at burying this story so it vanishes..

Nonchalantly buried in the story at the link above we discover that a neighbor who simply shot footage of a helicopter over their house was themselves promptly found dead immediately afterwards. That's a pretty big footnote right there. This story stinks with footnotes like that.

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Some dude said...

There's a "harbinger" concept that I read about on another site (vigilant citizen). The idea is that before ruining society, the occultists warn the victims beforehand using a discredited lunatic. In this case, that lunatic is Murphy himself. Only he has to be safely dead before they can display him as a lunatic, because otherwise his calm rational voice would not turn people off.

Think about the movie "cabin in the woods". The plot is that in order to placate the gods, society lures a set number of youths into a trap and kills them as a sacrifice. But to keep it "fair" they have a socially unacceptable person warn them of danger, a harbinger, who they always ignore,

I think that's what is going on with this article.