Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scramjets The New Tech For WW3

Science fiction writers in the 1950's thought the third world war would be like this.

7000 mph with a nuclear payload.

The push for missile defense has faded into a struggle to design weapons that can beat any missile defense.

Wait a second, this all sounds really familiar. There's something about all this I have seen and heard before.

Right, I remember, it is the doomsday Dr. Strangelove weapon that the U.S. swore it would never build because it was too horrible to even conceive of. About to roll off the assembly lines en masse, in fact. The missile from hell that nobody would ever build or use because it would mean that nuclear war would become a Klausewitzian nightmare. That one. I had a feeling we'd all be seeing it again someday.

Vault-Co predicts that this is the build-up to WW3. These weapons are going to be rushed into production very shortly to wage it. In combination with kinetic rods there will never be a dull moment in the third world war.


Grognard said...

You are looking a lot less 'eccentric' as time goes by, which is frightening.

John said...

The entire modern scene, which you elucidate so well here, makes me very sad sometimes. Often it just seems absurd. Some of the things I see on a daily basis are so vulgar and pathetic I'm not even sure if despair is the proper reaction.

I think of the great effort to push forward mounted by history's great men, or just the effort to survive mounted by history's regular men, and I put it against the general state of affairs today. All of that, for this? It's so awful it's funny. One thing that gives me comfort is to know that it simply cannot last for much longer, and that at some point in the future the earth will be quiet again and life can proceed as God intended.

melon said...

Tex, what the fuck is up with hoverboards?

cbenediccengi said...

good little review of where we stand

theepilgrim said...

Remember when NASA used to explore space and do extraordinary things like land on the moon? Well, they're far too busy these days spreading socialist propaganda to actually do anything like that anymore.

Human civilization is coming to an end!!!...unless you give the government more money and power so we can enforce "equality".

Grognard said...

Are europeans the most genetically diverse? According to math, the answer is yes.

deadman said...

Grognard said...
You are looking a lot less 'eccentric' as time goes by, which is frightening.

HA! Quite brilliant & quite true!
I must say, despite the overall content & overall purpose for that content, reading the work of Tex gives me a small measure of contentment, knowing that someone else can see the 'Idiocracy' in play.

- deadman

Texas Arcane said...


This is cyclic. There is nothing unusual about it. The only part of it I have not read before is some of the technology involved. The barbarians did not have nukes when they sacked and burned Rome.

The proof that mankind cannot learn from history is that it is cyclic and mankind has failed to even learn that it learns nothing from history. They repeat the mistakes of their ancestors like automatons.

One of the things they dreaded in the 1950's was a world war fought with nuclear ramjets. Here we are in 2014 and it is obvious they were not being unreasonable at all worrying the future might hold such things. They were very accurate in seeing how things might play out if left to their own natural courses.

People made fun of the John Birch society because they said ridiculous things like once people were dumbed down enough they would no longer have the sense to avoid using such weapons knowing the escalation race that could result. Yet here we are, surrounded by dumb people escalating without seeing any of the consequences of their own actions. It was impossible to imagine how dumbed down they would be in 2014 back in 1955 when Americans were some of the best educated people on the planet in known history.

Ave said...

Tex, When I read your answer I wondered : have you seen the movie "Cloud Atlas" ?

I think you would really like the concept, which is sound. Don't mind the "Wachowski"-esque elements in it, which are mainly to make it watchable by a broader audience.
At its core it's a German movie (with all the pathos and philosophy that goes with it) about individuals getting free from Sapiens powermongers & a-holes (in various ages in history).

Also, it's a movie that grossed only $27 million in the US and $130 million worldwide, this is a statement in itself.

John said...

If I remember correctly you've made references to high energy weapons being deployed in the distant past, so maybe there really is absolutely nothing new about any of this.

That Good Catholics site has really sent me for a loop. Not sure how I'm going to keep my mouth shut at the next holiday dinner.

styrac said...

Now that they solved every other problem: