Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scienmagisticians Have Discredited Science

That's right. These frauds, socialists and bolshevist baloney artists have discredited the advance of science over the past 500 years and the fantastic liberation that began with the Enlightenment.

All things that are too successful sow the seeds of their own destruction. They attract predators, mimics and nesting parasites that base their whole survival strategy around opportunism. Something that is successful attracts people who only see something they can make a nice living from without much work.

Homo Sapiens is such a disappointing creature because he is always seeking to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There are few windfalls he can stumble ass backwards into that he cannot quickly convert into another cause for despair.

"Consider the age in which we live. It wants magicians…. A scientist tells people the truth. When times are good—that is, when the truth offers no threat—people don't mind.… A magician, on the other hand, tells people what they wish were true—that perpetual motion works, that cancer can be cured by colored lights, that a psychosis is no worse than a head cold, that they'll live forever. In good times magicians are laughed at. They're a luxury of the spoiled wealthy few. But in bad times people sell their souls for magic cures and buy perpetual-motion machines to power their war rockets."
- Fritz Leiber

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styrac said...

D.C. Bolshevist wants to fight Putin with more taxes and "innuvatun". Seriously, you can't make this shit up:

"I’d also raise our gasoline tax, put in place a carbon tax and a national renewable energy portfolio standard — all of which would also help lower the global oil price (and make us stronger, with cleaner air, less oil dependence and more innovation).”