Friday, March 7, 2014

Sandy Hook - No SSN Entries For Any Victims

Where did they go? None of them with SSNs? 

No wonder the U.S. government has been trying to shut down access to the data for mere peasants.

Former Law Enforcement declares openly this was a scripted event two years in the making

The hoaxsters weren't very bright and they weren't good at thinking long term. The hoax was about the quality you have come to expect from a government headed up by a former teen male prostitute from Kenya. Carried out with the same kind of finesse obvious in the deployment of the Obamacare web site when it launched. You can't expect much from a guy with nothing but "community organizer" on his resume.

Three of the "victim's families" had "won" the Connecticut lottery at least twice.


I'd advise that all the crisis actors playing victims in the Sandy Hook teleplay go public as soon as possible because you are crazy to think they are going to allow you to live out your lives the next fifty years with the ever present possibility of betraying them.

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Chauvet dating controversy.