Thursday, March 13, 2014

Retail Vaporized In Kwanstainia

Nobody left with any money to buy anything. The model no longer works without a middle class to sustain it. The whole framework of the U.S. economy has been trashed so badly by statists that it will take a complete collapse for it to be rebuilt by sanity.


Amy said...

I'm not a big shopper, even online. For some people, it's a hobby or a sport, but even they can't seem to keep the thing afloat.

There is a mall near me, not a huge one but big enough for the local rural population and the small city. It has a Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney (though not for long, slated for closure soon), and mid-level brand stores. I was there not long ago to get some odds and ends. It was depressing. Two-thirds of the stores were closed and there was no indication of new businesses moving in. Most of the people were shambling about, not buying, just wandering. It felt like the kind of place ripe for petty crimes and assaults to occur. I had my three children with me, and didn't feel safe. We left quickly.

I'd like to think that the silver lining here is that people are finally fed up with "stuff" and just don't want any more of it. How many more Made-in-China plastic doodads does one need? Do you really need a stand alone quesadilla press and a full miniature dinner service for 12 for your daughters' dolls? Or a special pan to make stuffed meatloaf?

Quality in consumer goods has been suffering for so long. I remember noticing it as a child. My grandfather, God rest his soul, was a HS dropout, WWII vet, and self-taught machinist. He could make anything you needed on a manual C&C machine. Drew up his own prints to build sheds, etc. He never bought anything from a store that didn't live up to his high standards. He didn't shop much as a result. I suppose that is one of the many, many good lessons I learned from that man. Most of the "stuff" available is useless crap; perhaps some people are waking up to the fact that it won't make your life easier or happier, just more cluttered.

But I'm too optimistic, maybe.

Russell said...

"The model no longer works without a middle class to sustain it."

Worse than that, the USA as a nation only works with a majority of moral people, with even a minority of them in government.

That's gone now, we've reverted back to the bad old Roman days, and escalated the conditions of a Roman like collapse.

KW Jackson said...

It's coming to Oz, soon. Manufacturing is shutting up shop starting with the largest car manufacturers (Ford, Holden, Toyota). From there the slide will be fast because the market is small and has less inertia. Make sure your debts are cleared or if you can't clear them make sure your business's value, or your value to another business, is higher than 2/3rds of your competition. Remember, when CPI and cash interest paid to end consumers is on parity you have stagnant/contracting economy. Australia has been like this for about 4 years now. 2014 is the start of the big decline down under.