Sunday, March 30, 2014

Remember The Maine

All wars in the past century are manufactured wars. Other people manufacture them, they send your children to die in them.

The world is run by bad, bad people. The sooner you accept it the more life will start to make sense to you. This viewpoint leads to enlightenment, not despair.

The next time they tell you that you'd better kill so-and-so and you are certain so-and-so is minding his own business over in his own country, you need to ask yourself what sort of person tries to talk you into journeying to far-off lands to kill people you have never even met? A scumbag does. A coward who doesn't do any of his own fighting. It's a trick. Psychopaths fight other psychopaths by sending proxy idiots in their place and they stay home and drink wine. Don't let these runts get at your kids.

I want legislation declaring that any man who advocates a war sends his own children straight to the front in combat duty positions without any special consideration. You want a war, your kids fight it. Not other people's. Your kids.

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Some dude said...

It's a nice idea, but you are forgetting that these people probably don't care very much about their kids either.

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