Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putin Has Good Laugh At Ass-Clown

Turns out Vlad Is One Of Those People Who Cannot Be Fooled All Of The Time

These journalists are so used to being able to tell Westerners any crazy sh*t that comes to mind they are not qualified to talk to people with any sense.

Vladimir Putin is a devout Christian.

Out of the two countries, which do you think is the Whore of Babylon? Which country is Satan's handmaiden on earth? The country with the teen manwhore pushing gay marriage or Putin's nation? Which of the two countries is run by hardcore communist subversives? Russia or the 'Stain?

Who is interested in protecting the people of Crimea? Putin or the West? The West could not even be bothered to find a native to run for their puppet state presidency. All the West cares about is looting the country of everything that is not nailed down. They would like nothing better than to strip the nation to bedrock and leave it shivering in the cold, much as they have done with the United States.

Putin is probably the first person to ever say no to these crooks in their entire miserable lives.

NATO is not equipped to fight their way out of a paper bag, much less the Russian army, which is so hardcore that they have learned to fight and win without much in the way of support, logistics or supply. The Russians are people you don't want to screw around with if you are talking about a ground war. They are not just a bunch of goat herders you can carpet bomb from the air and call it a "battle" like in the Middle East. Face it, the Ukraine is going back to Russia sooner or later and most of the people who live there would probably rather it sooner after seeing the way the West killed people randomly to foment revolution in Crimea.

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Russell said...

"Out of the two countries, which do you think is the Whore of Babylon? Which country is Satan's handmaiden on earth?"

The roles have changed hands, because we in USA are weak and morally corrupt.

Putin might not be a good guy, but he's good at being a man.

I just hope when God is fed up with us and castigates the country for our wickedness, it won't be an eradication of the US, but a hard wake up call that we'll listen to.

In the 80s I never thought the roles would be reversed in my lifetime. Ah well, sic transit gloria mundi. I rather not be going through the end of America, but such is my lot and I can't do anything but make the best of it.