Monday, March 17, 2014

Nobody Hates Democracy Like Democrats

95.5% of Crimea wants to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia after terrorist attacks staged by the United States and her allies inside the Ukraine designed to destabilize the country.

They know that Putin is a man of his word and the 'Stain is run by a former teen male prostitute from Kenya. Who would you feel more secure listening to?

The five billion dollars now publicly acknowledged by the United States spent on subversives inside Crimea could easily account for the 4.5% who voted differently.


Publius said...

It's interesting that you find Putin to be good man, relatively speaking.
I have the same sense, and that is despite the amazingly intense propaganda being directed towards denizens, or rather victims, of Western media.

Why do you think he's trustworthy and not a sociopath?
I don't have the sense that he cares that much about amassing personal wealth, or living a life of ease as a parasite.
This is inconceivable to the Western politician, who cannot even imagine that someone might be motivated to gain power to act as a steward of his nation. Putin is thus more akin to a "good" king, as described by Aristotle, rather than a tyrant.
Of course to Americans, raised on propaganda, any other system other than the twisted one we live in is considered to be barbaric, anti-democratic, or a dictatorship.

Whereas in reality, no dictatorship is crueler than a so-called democracy that is really an oligarchy run for the benefit of sociopaths with no sense of the common good.

styrac said...

The hideous, deformed, almost demonic face that best represents what America is. No doubt the result of the combination of hard drugs and excessive feminism.

Publius said...

Ouch! That ain't pretty...