Friday, March 28, 2014

No One Claps For The Sad Man

Poor Little Teen Crackhead Manwhore.

"No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes

- Pete Townshend

Some people just can't get a break. All he got was free degrees from Columbia on their foreign student exchange program without actually showing up for a class and he still couldn't get a job. That's really sad. More and more the chief executive job for the 'Stain is looking like some kind of welfare program for communists.

Now they've even stopped applauding him when he barks off text on that teleprompter like a trained seal. All that copy is written for him by his handlers and he is probably proud of the fact his diction is good enough to make it sound plausible. He really never did cultivate any talents in life outside his famed oral skills.

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theepilgrim said...

I recently had a very bizarre glimpse into the 'thinking process' of those who voted for Obama (twice).

I'm still not entirely convinced I wasn't just being trolled, but I had a conversation with someone who believed government debt was actually "stored wealth" or "excess dollars"...his reasoning? Government spends the money before it borrows the money "that's why the debt always increases by exactly the same amount as the deficit" basically, according to this dimwit, if you spend money on your credit card that you don't actually have, then borrow money, that "debt" is actually "stored wealth". He also believed that the government printing press effectively represents "infinite wealth", as the government could simply print as much money as it needs at any time.

These are the sort of conversations that make you question your sanity, and wonder if this isn't all just some bizzaro Twilight Zone world that you will hopefully wake up from soon. It's also the sort of conversation that makes you realize there is no reasoning with these sort of "people", they just aren't like us. There's something missing. "Thinking" is something they only pretend to do, they just fake it and hope no one notices the difference.