Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More On Clearly Emerging Alliance Between Russia And China

Hey, rube, they are going to win. Everything.

These are nations with leadership. What does the West have? Former male teen prostitute junkies from Kenya with "community organiser" on their resumes.

To the winners go the spoils. To the losers goes nothing.

The reason we originally created this blog 16 years ago is because we foresaw all of this in advance.

Vault-Co was predicated on the assumption that the losers are going to be sore losers.

"The earth is degenerating these days. Bribery and corruption abound. Every man wishes to write a book of his own foolishness. Children are scornful and no longer mind parents. It is evident that the end of the world approaches quickly."

Engraved on an Assyrian Tablet Circa 2800 B.C.

The difference being, they didn't have nuclear weapons for their ragnarok. Our generation does … and that anonymous Assyrian was absolutely right, his civilisation was crumbling to pieces before his eyes.

More on the clairvoyance of Stanley Kubrick.

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