Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kwanstainia Hits A New Low

International embarrassment and public vagrant in chief sinks to below the bottom of the barrel.

Learn to live in this brave new world.

Check this out - I howled with laughter reading this. Typical Kwanzanian wants government to ban the internet, ride-sharing and change the name of the former Sears Tower or he will expose people for being gay. These kinds of mental titans are the sorts who inhabit the land of the 'Stain today.


KW Jackson said...

I'm always gobsmacked when a taxi driver wants people mugged (ie. prosecuted by the Government and money taken at gun point) for NOT using his taxi. The irony is incredible.

Mex Arcane said...

You do realise that the original article from the "mental titan" is a parody, don't you Tex? (Not unlike yourself.)

Ted Walther said...

That article may a be a parody, but if they wanted to put an end to sexual exploitation of little children, all they have to do is round up all the taxi drivers. The taxi drivers know where all the different types of sexual services are to be found, gay, tranny, straight of all varieties... and children. And the taxi drivers do know exactly who in business, government, entertainment and government is using these services.

The fact the taxi drivers are being allowed to do this, shows that the government isn't serious about its exploitation and child protection laws.

KW Jackson said...

Parody of gov interference to limit drive-sharing? Like Seattle's law is a parody?

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