Monday, March 3, 2014

Knew It. Told You It Would Be Like This.

China Backing Up Russia On Ukraine

China is full of smart people. They know which way the future is blowing and it is bringing a cobalt death shroud for some nations on the wind.

Kwanzania causing trouble again, as usual

Dying empires always want to start trouble everywhere else like they are angry about the fact they are in decline. Standard behaviour by the book according to history.

You can tell when the Kwa is involved because the smart money flees


KW Jackson said...

China's full of smart people: like those who adopted Marxism? Not quite that smart. They are isolationist and have race-consciousness but are emotionally crippled from 5000 years of horrid government. Freedom is a dirty word to the Chinese. China is why I think that Melons are a precursor to, or variant strain of, the Denisovans.

Texas Arcane said...

@KW Jackson

Do you know any Chinese people?

They are very, very bright people. The question is not whether there are any bright people in China. There are plenty of them. The question is are there any bright people left in the West.

The Chinese didn't choose Marxism anymore than the U.S. "chose" socialism and multikult. It was imposed on them at gunpoint. Plenty of Chinese people long for freedom which is why they immigrate to the West. Unfortunately, we might as well start sending them back because the West hasn't been willing to fight to keep their freedoms any more than they have in China.

It is easy to lump Chinese people in with the autocrats who run their "communist" government but the truth is they are frightened with good reason to suggest other arrangements.

I cannot see criticising Chinese people for being too passive given the condition of the current population of the Western world, which is somewhere between doorknob and root vegetable. We really can't pick the splinter from their eye until we pluck the beam from our own.

samhuih said...

The present trajectory of the US is dismal but the future is not cast in stone. The present Chinese government is much more corrupt and dictatorial then the US government by far. Notice you said,"...The Chinese didn't choose Marxism anymore than the U.S. "chose" socialism and multikult. It was imposed on them at gunpoint...". Despite attempts, the vile overlords have not been able to take firearms from Americans. They also, due to this fact, have not been able to completely stamp out freedom. There's hope, small though it be. For them to take total control they will have to start shooting. There's a strong chance when they do so all of them will be massacred. They depend on the underlings for security and the whole system is riddled with people who want no part of the new world order. They're trying to weed them out but to completely do so would be impossible. A misstep would mean complete annihilation for them. For the forces of freedom a misstep would only be a set back because there is no call for dictatorship in the US. It may be trending that way but at this point in time anyone who called openly for dictatorship would get nowhere.

KW Jackson said...

Simple test for you Tex to see how much you know about China.
What ethnicity are the majority of the leaders of the large engineering projects?

Texas Arcane said...


AUSSIE said...


From the outside looking in you Amerikwans are easily some of the most enslaved and controlled people
on the planet, the manipulation by your Government of the people at all levels is absolutely mind numbing! That your guns have maintained your freedom is absolutely delusional. You Amerikwans have huffed and puffed about rising up and taking back your freedom with your guns but you never do and now it's simply too late! You are all totally owned!

Texas Arcane said...



Americans still making noises like the patriot right in the '80's. "If this gits any werse we gonna rise up!"

Yeah, it got worse then it got ridiculous. Americans have done nothing and they never will. Plenty of 'em still voted for Obama. Last election they could possibly affect with votes and they blew it. Diebold votes for Americans now.