Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is The Big One About To Hit In L.A. ?

Some geophysicists think so.


Ave said...

Stop being right, you.

"4.8 earthquake rocks US Yellowstone National Park"

John said...

How did you learn how to program? What would be a good starting point for a rank novice? Thanks dude.

Texas Arcane said...


I started with QBASIC in high school and when I was in the military I learned C & ADA after duty hours on a C-64.

Nowadays I believe you could do worse than to start with C# express from Microsoft. I'd say try building a few windows with point'n'click, then learn how to modify the functions you've created automatically in the back end. A couple months of building useful Winforms utilities to accomplish small tasks and you would have acquired a marketable skill and learned most of the basics of event and object oriented coding.

I don't think there is much merit in starting out with BASIC or assembly nowadays because it will take you that much longer to use all the productive paradigms like Intellisense, auto-completion and auto-lookup that can make the coding enjoyable and not bog you down in nitpicking like if you do it all from scratch.

Remember, what separates coders from everyone else is their extremely high tolerance for frustration. When you hit a snag, stay as cool as a cucumber and see if you can think your way through it. As long as you stay focused you are learning a lot of stuff "not" to do even if your program isn't working yet. The ability to stay chilly even when program is clearly fubar is what really separates the men from the boys. Don't take it as a personal insult because your program doesn't work, remember the best coders in the world spend whole days trying to solve problems that turn out to be ridiculously simple in the end all the time. It's not you, it is that in programming and learning to program, you hit bugs. They are massive learning opportunities if you don't flip out and leap from the roof because you don't know yet why it isn't working.

John said...

Thanks Tex. I'll try to remember to keep it cool.