Thursday, March 6, 2014

If You Need Me, Press The Intercom Button On The Outer Hatch

I will be inside until further notice.

I wish I could make up sh*t like this. I couldn't if I tried. The reality is stranger.


Texas Arcane said...

Some comments vanished from here and they were interesting. I don't know why. About Kenneth Copeland and the Vatican.

Chris from Sydney said...

Anglican Bishop, who just happened to be mentored by the current Pope for the last 10 years (wiki) declares 'Diversity is divine' at 4:19 and says Protestantism is over as there is nothing left to protest (5:43) at Kenneth Copeland's 'Leadership conference' held in January.

Then the Pope gives a video taped message and says a bunch of weird stuff which includes a veiled threat (imo) to the banksters (14:45) "They had money, but they couldn't eat the money'.

Highlights are at 24:00 where Copeland gets an invitation to the Vatican and at 24:35 when Copeland states 'Heaven is thrilled over this' while repeatedly pointing down.

Maybe you guys can help me out but isn't heaven UP ?

It kind of makes sense though if your 'god' is the Devil. The lesson to take away from this is that when someone prays to his father don't automatically assume he is praying to your Father.
John 8:44

( Best reconstruction of original comment I can give)

If someone decided to hack Tex's site it seems a lot of effort to go to over a backwater blog which only people with a severe Cassandra complex read. For my part I'm just an observer not an activist, with no power to change the world what so ever, so nobody has any reason to be afraid of me. I am just an outcast who can't hold down a steady job that nobody takes seriously anyway.

The best course of action is
probably to ignore us while occasionally reading the comments to have a laugh.

There is no reason we can't pretend each other don't exist and get on with our separate agendas, as we did for tens of thousands of years in the past.

The world is a big place, you can have 90% of it. We'll be happy with that cloudy frozen bit at the top, the cold will most likely kill us off at no expense to you, so it makes a great return on investment.

What was it that we did to you all the way back then anyway ?
It must have been pretty painful to warrant an attempt at Genocide.

Texas Arcane said...

I think it likelier there was some glitch in the blog.

I went and had a look at those links, I had no idea that televangelists could sink so low. That priest was the worst liar I have ever seen. He was so ingratiating and so dishonest, clearly trying to manipulate the rubes.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. That priest was very 'Thallish. Notice how melon heads always seem to send 'Thals as their lickspittles. How denigrating to be a minion it is but apparently it has been the place of certain breeds of 'Thals for a long, long time.

Greenbean said...

@Tex and @Chris, this is how I see it: the whole "renunciation affair" with benny xvi was really suspicious. He was probably blackmailed or threatened into leaving a vacant chair for this regal nwo latino pope. Remember "vatileaks" and the whole scandal involving his butler? He was clearly being pressed. The thing that made him fold must have been really serious(a gay affair from the past? another corruption scandal with his direct involvement?)

Notice how the same media that constantly attacked and ridiculed catholics and their church is now praising them to high heavens and treating this francis dude as a hero and role model, with constant media exposure and positive portrayal.

Something really grim is up. This guy is obviously going to push for reunion with the other christian churches and he is obviously going to make concessions to liberals as far as sex, drugs and morality go. Obviously he will do that with the worst of intentions.

I can only imagine what's coming up next. What's your take on it?

Chris from Sydney said...

Greenbean, This is my take on the situation. I think every different faction is busy recruiting the public to have as much support as possible as each different group makes a bid for power.

Team Vatican/Jesuit wants to recruit from 'Krishtians', just the other week in Australia, Alan Jones a 'conservative' radio host had on his breakfast show Daniel Hannan, the guy who wrote this,

This guy was saying England invented freedom and we need to reclaim our roots if we want 'freedom' and that we need to return to open borders between UK and Australia.

It was basically a pitch that we all need to support the Bankster faction out of the city not to be named, because of the Queen and what not.

I didn't buy it.

Team Zionist has shot its bolt and is about to go down because well, somebody needs to take the blame for what's happening and Zionists are a pretty good target to distract the profane from the real players.

I don't think anyone will deny the next holocaust. We'll probably be watching it live on TV.

That's my take.