Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Ready For The Next False Flag

Operation Fast'n'Furious was a false flag.

Sandy Hook was a false flag.

Now there is a third one coming and it will be a staged event designed to conceal the economic collapse of Kwanstainia.


samhuih said...

Could there be another Malaysian plane?

Maybe they meant to ditch it.

samhuih said...

More weirdness. Some are saying an IBM engineer got out a cell phone pic from Diego garcia. EXIF data matches. Is this true and they goofed or are they trying to start WWIII with USA, Russia and China?

Maybe the plane was ditched by the hebe's and they're trying to blame it on the US. I wonder if the 9-11 story is going to hold up much longer. Killing off US, Russia and China all in one lick would solve a lot of hebe's problems or at least allow them to start over. So many twist within twist, lies within lies it's hard to know.