Thursday, March 13, 2014

Generallissimo Banannarepubiclikka

Kwanstainian Lunatic Asylum is open for business and chief nut in charge is this senile old coot.

Toy Troop Brass now making military plans without even consulting Congress.

This dust farting fossil figurehead human placeholder discusses his elaborate strategy without even mentioning the President or Congress.Yeah, Dempsey is just going to start his own wars because he decided to. Wait, doesn't the Constitution say that only Congress can vote to go to war? Are you sure you're even in the right country? What is the deal with those serial peeper eyes? Tell me you wouldn't crap in your pants if you were brushing your teeth in the bathroom and you opened the blinds and saw this old geezer standing on your trash can in the alley looking in at you and fondling himself.

Check out all that fruit salad on this guy's uniform.What war did you win all those ribbons in, soldier? Desk jockey rearguard neocon offensive? I think I saw those decorations also hanging off Idi Amin at one point. They go best with a $1000 pair of designer sunglasses, a beret and a plastic ziplock bag containing a human liver.

(Sorry, it's late and I am really drowsy.)

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Publius said...

You are right - his eyes are creepy, displaying real illness and evil.