Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Famous False Flags In American History

Spanish-American war, a farce that wagged the dog long before photoshop and CGI green screens

You can imagine how far it has come in a hundred years. Although looking at the circus called Sandy Hook you have to conclude these psy-ops are still no better than the sub-par psychotics who organize them. Even with all that technology I could still watch Anderson Cooper's nose getting clipped off by lousy chroma key matching.

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Chris from Sydney said...

I've been wondering if Sandy Hook was deliberately poorly executed to further destabilize relations between the population and the rulers ?

Wouldn't have just been easier to walk into a school and shoot the kids, for real ?

Every time something like this happens the first thing that happens is an immediate jump in sales of military grade firepower to civilians, and maybe that is the purpose behind these poorly executed false flag scripts ?

Somebody wants Americans armed to teeth, but why ?