Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Euthanising Rabid Dogs Saves Lives

Daniel Morcombe would be alive today if this thing had been put down on the first offence.

Abduction and child rape used to carry the death penalty. First conviction should have at least gotten him life imprisonment without parole.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing. Modern people don't understand anything at all.

When one thinks of the cries or struggles of a child, anyone with an anatomically normal brain would have been unable to proceed. As soon as this beast was identified as a super predator, it should have dangled on piano wire. I say that as a Christian who values life and dignity very highly, including the life of this oxygen stealer.

There was a longstanding tradition amongst the Teutonics of drowning them in rivers and letting the child they offended stand on their bodies to show their ceremonial purification and victory over the pig who molested them. The teutonics then regarded this girl as a virgin for her marriage night and considered the matter resolved with the death of the beast. Think about the inherent organic mercy and kindness of everyone who participates on the behalf of the child and how they treat the child afterwards, as though it had never happened. Compare with Middle Eastern cultures who stone the woman who was raped. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Worst of all, western culture is gradually coming to resemble the complete meaninglessness of these same cultures and their absolute failure to provide anything worthwhile for the people who live under these regimes.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing, which is how they managed to build a civilisation that everyone wanted to migrate to. One of the biggest problems they bring with their migration in many cases is the baggage in their own shoes. If only they could leave that luggage at customs.

One of the biggest arguments used in lighter sentencing is that if everybody who deserved it got life in prison, the prison system would rapidly become unsustainable for all the people these idiots put in there for ridiculous offences like using drugs, which is a crime against oneself. I don't use drugs, never have and can't understand why somebody would use my tax dollars to incarcerate such a loser when there are monsters like this asshole wandering around because some judge was forced by crowded prisons to release them. I could care less about crimes against oneself, it is crimes like these against others that should always be first priority. Governments can't even get this right.


Some dude said...

Great scene.

I prefer to see a monster get killed quickly and simply. I have no burning desire to see torture inflicted on anyone no matter their crimes.

The only other thing I would say is that now that I have seen how the courts and prosecutors "work", I have very little trust that the system has gotten the correct man. Too many people (women) like to accuse men of rape and child abuse for their own advantage. Too many cops and prosecutors like to play games. And I am very hesitant to call for justice unless there is real evidence.

But in this case, yeah there was plenty of evidence and the fucker should have had his damn head blown off.

Some dude said...

Just looking at that guys smirking face I want to kill him.