Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Strangelove Planet

Stanley Kubrick was a wonderful, honest human being and a brilliant film maker

Everybody thought he was a nasty subversive trying to make America look ridiculous. His goal was to portray the reality of nuclear weapons ownership by mankind. He wasn't targeting any particular ethnic group or trying to overthrow the existing power structure or conspiring to undermine national defense. The reason I always had so much respect for Kubrick is that he showed the world with his film that civil defense is extremely important to the people who have their fingers on the button. It is extremely important - for them. The civilians are not even a footnote in their calculations. People thought Kubrick was exaggerating what madmen, clowns and idiots are in charge of these weapons. Guess what? The most incredible thing is that he wasn't. If anything, he probably made them all look a lot more sober than they usually are.

Shortly before they shot Kennedy he was getting ready to change all of this. He intended to introduce a civil defense program in America similar to the one in Switzerland. Lyndon Johnson canned that program as soon as he was installed. Many years later, Lawrence McDonald, a U.S. Congressman, was on the verge of announcing the revival of Kennedy's original program for civil defense when his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union on Korean Flight 007 claiming it had violated their airspace on a spy mission. Later evidence emerged that the transponder had been tampered with in the plane to drive it off course and into Soviet air space deliberately by persons unknown.

The problem with Homo Sapiens having nuclear weapons is that he is Homo Sapiens. A bear of little brain. About as bright as a shiny red button. He is sure to use them sooner than most people visiting this blog realize. Sapiens has never had a weapon he didn't use in warfare and nuclear weapons will be no different.


Some dude said...

I really don't understand. Why would the families on charge of the country not want people to survive a global war? OK, they don't care about human life, but don't they at least care about themselves? Do they intend to rule over a graveyard?

Some dude said...

I get it. It's some stupid occult ritual isn't it? The sick bastards think they are going to burn everyone and then ascend or some stupid shit.

Amy said...

Tex, the first thing I thought of when I read about the incident, a few days ago, was Strangelove.

He is sure to use [nuclear weapons] sooner than most people visiting this blog realize. Sapiens has never had a weapon he didn't use in warfare

Kubric knew this, too. The opening scene of the chimps breaking Eden in 2001: A Space Odyssey after encountering intelligence is sobering. I first saw that film as a child of maybe 7 or 8, and on some level I understood that knowledge without wisdom is a dangerous thing, and no human is immune.

Amy said...

Some dude, I wonder that too, whether they intend to rule over a graveyard. Well, yes, they do, and intend to dance on those graves in a revel celebrating the final removal of the great unwashed from their midst.

aeolipera said...

Some dude,

It's my impression that you've identified the motivations of the guys who put all these short-sighted child molesters in charge. (It's easy to keep pedophiles and freaks on a short leash because they already have no morals.)

This is merely an impression, a tiny bit more explanation here:

Texas Arcane said...


With recent advancements in robotics, it is possible they just no longer require such a huge population of slaves to service them. Maybe they intend to go into the future with a nice largely empty planet for their children to enjoy and a skeleton crew of human dregs supplemented largely by technology.

Chris from Sydney said...

"A new study shows some 20 percent of soldiers entering service had suffered mental illnesses."