Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Is the U.S. Government Pretending To Care?

They don't.

The real motivation behind this newly generated crisis is coming up with sound justifications to disarm returning veterans.

They've known for the past fifty years that even when soldiers have only been shot at a few times or seen a couple dead bodies of other soldiers (I would be a perfect example) that it has serious, dramatic effects on the mental health of those people for the rest of their lives. It doesn't matter what you have been told in this regard because the facts don't lie. Such people will be more likely to suffer severe depression or have drug and alcohol problems by many orders of magnitude compared to the general population. There is extensive research that shows most of these troops will be permanent misanthropes after getting out. They are also far more likely to despise the government and to disbelieve anything they say.

I'd actually be a spectacular outcome in the opinion of most of the shrinks at the Veterans Administration. All I have ever suffered in life is severe, crippling, catastrophic depression. I've never committed a crime, never used drugs and don't even drink. As far as the V.A. is concerned my sleep disorder and other difficulties would be minor compared with all the veterans who commit suicide. If they only had to worry about guys like me they'd have no story here.

The real fear is that guys like me end up more anti-government than any civilian would ever get a chance to be. We've seen the little man behind the curtain pretending to be the great and terrible Oz. We've been shot at so the government knows we probably are not going to frighten as easily as others and may not have any natural fear of authority. This is what they are really interested in. They never cared until it began to seem like a big demographic, all these pissed-off troops returning from years of battle with stop-loss orders.

As incredible as it may seem there is nothing historically unusual about any of this. Some of the biggest traitors to the Roman Empire were its staunchest patriots to begin with. These people became mercenaries after getting out and they were not soldiers you wanted to screw around with. The former members of the Roman Army were not paid in the geld they were promised and so they went up north and began to organise the Visigoths to raid and sack the city of Rome to get their back wages. The Huns and Teutonics up there had major grievances and all it took was an insider, a former Roman general, to show up in their village and tell them he knew exactly how to invade Rome and bypass all their defences and it was over. They were able to produce a million barbarians behind these mercenary instigators and Rome paid in blood many times over what they owed. The thing that made it easy was Rome's devout faith in the "god" of multiculturalism - there were no end of turncoats inside the gates who were willing to open them from the inside the morning the horde crossed the Tiber. It is funny how Rome's faith in her actual "gods" and religions had long since given way to a general secular indifference but the Roman faith in the multikult persisted right up to the instant they were decapitated still standing in their shoes. It all sounds so familiar. Odd how the most destructive ideologies are the most compelling in declining civilizations.

Most empires staff, train and alienate the very people who will return to destroy them. So the Kwanstainians are showing a great deal of shrewd foresight in their campaign to demonize these soldiers who have served so loyally so they can neuter them as human beings, take away their arms and put them on heavy diets of psychotropic drugs to keep them placid after they are discharged. It actually makes you wonder if there are some elites who really do learn from history.

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