Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why All The Dead Bankers?

Not sure if this is a feelgood story or a dire warning. Maybe both.

You have to take stock of your general impression of bankers first.

Any day a banker turns up dead is going to leave the whole planet with mixed emotions. First, the sky seems a deeper shade of blue. The birds are singing. The sun is brighter and the air smells better. Then you got that dead banker.


cbenediccengi said...

'better to fare hard with good men than to feast with bad', Thomas Paine. Feel no sympathy for these sacks of shit.
This is exactly how I feel for these low-level Freemason, Blue-Lodge sell-outs of Western civilization that actually thought they would be given 'the secrets of the universe', which basically just boils down to justifying selfish sin to the level of psychopathy. And they never have much to show for it, except for the eventual gang-rape of their daughters as mongol hordes crash down the gate. Whatever will come of this farcical, financial house-of-cards we deserve every last bit of it.

deadman said...

7 dead bankers that are known of or have been reported about, yet I recall Gerald Celente indicating it's actually more like 20 recently dead bankers...

As as aside (or a reason) have you seen the graph that mirrors todays stock market to that of 1929 with such similarity, it seems quite uncanny :

Stock Market eerily following same pattern of bull market before the 1929 crash

- deadman

samhuih said...

They may be questioning the criminality of the banks and they're killing them before they go public. Not that they're angels. The ones killed just didn't want to be the fall guy when the music stops.

Lifting The Veil | Thomas Sheridan | Psychopaths

Luke said...

Tex, can you explain the problem of evil from a Christian perspective? If God is good, omnipotent, and omniscient, then why does he make many innocent people suffer?

Genesis explains why the world is evil today, but why did God create/permit the fall in the first place?

Texas Arcane said...


All the evil down here comes from men. If God did not allow men to follow their own best judgement then there would be no life worth living and how could there be a good when the alternative was eliminated by divine fiat?

Luke said...

God allows men to follow their own best judgement, but where does this judgement come from?

The concept of free will never made much sense to me. Events are either determined or random, and randomness might just be a word we use when we can't predict the outcome of a process. Determinism.

So how is God not responsible for the judgement of men? Didn't he create it? If I build an army of robots programmed to kill, aren't I responsible for any murders that occur?

In my line of thinking, the universe is deterministic, determinism doesn't support the concept of free will, and without free will, God is responsible for all human actions.

From what I've read, it seems like you recognize both the existence of free will and the reality of determinism. How do you reconcile them? My thoughts on this have remained mostly unchanged since I was 6 or so. If you could point out a flaw in my thinking or something I missed, I'd be delighted. My intuition and gut tell me to put my faith in Christ, but my rational mind is having trouble accepting the paradigm.

John said...

That is a Neaderthal woman through and through. Combing through her site, I was literally staggered to see almost all of the 'thal qualities Tex has written about represented so clearly in a single person. Truly a revelation. I have not seen a stronger validation of the core Vault-co premise. Be sure that she's frequently dismissed as having Asperger's.

It really shakes me up that someone like that has not reproduced, while the dregs proliferate. I'm encouraged that there are voices like hers out there, but who will man the ranks in the years ahead?

Shifting gears, what are people doing for drinking water? Any tips on defluoridation greatly appreciated. I'm now drinking glass-bottled water but at a gallon a day it's getting expensive.

JeffreyJerpp said...

^Economic ITZ coming to Tex before Kwanstania?

cbenediccengi said...


I think people underestimate the effects of rearing and environment (epigenetics) on behavioural outcomes. Another fascinating site that discusses the affects (effects? I always confuse the two, haha) is

Resource availability promotes Cro-Mag behaviour (idiotic, selfish) and scarcity causes Thal (wolf like, us vs. them mentality, high cooperation), simply because there is strength in numbers and co-operation.

People like Ann (and probably yourself) always exist to some degree in small numbers. Funny thing is that Ann, myself - and even Tex - aren't that special, its just the people we're surrounded by are so extraordinarily pathetic we look like Titans. I can count the people I genuinely love on one hand; none of them are my family members. I'm mostly Thal and I've been an 'outgrouped', black sheep my whole life. Grand-parents were (passed now) awesome WW2 folks, with high dichotomy between the two: nana:classy, feminine. papa: oozed masculinity. Parents are baby-boomer scum; sister dates nigger dressing, empty vessel narcissist.

Western civilization was truly 'effed and unfixable when women were given the right to vote. bloated deficits, explosion in divorce, loss of civil liberties for 'safety' (cause it's for the children!). it is now a known fact that fathers are MORE important for the psychological development of children (both sexes) than the mother. Daddy issues be real, yo!

WATER: the best water is spring water from an underground, percolating spring. The best bang-for-buck filter is the Berkey-Lite with fluoride attachment. Drinking from glass def. helps, as chemicals leach. For overall fitness, 'Your Personal Paleo Code' - Chris Kresser

- Cheers

samhuih said...

I'm not sure about defluoridation but to remove chlorine from water use a pinch of powdered vitamin C per five gallon bucket. Stir well. Settle for 30 minutes or so. There will be a very small grain in the bottom. Usually the center. That's the chlorine combined with the vitamin C. Pour off the clean water and leave the grain. Info from the San Fransisco water department.