Friday, February 7, 2014

Psychopaths & Sociopaths Can't Hide It

They think they can but they cannot.

Rearguard actions by chickenhawks in the First Israeli Typing Corps. They send others to fight one another but their plan is to die in a warm bed at a ripe old age of natural causes. They themselves have never even fired a gun in many cases, never served in the military as a soldier, never known a moment of real fear in their lives.

Death and murder and destruction and killing and bombs and assassination and torture and grief and misery and horror are all sources of entertainment for these unique individuals.

They are what Homo Sapiens calls leadership.

Something is wrong. Think about it. If you have a better explanation than what we have provided here at Vault-Co we'd love to hear it.

Either way ... something is wrong with this species. Something is wrong. As always, we were a little ahead of the power curve here at Vault-Co but there are more and more people waking up to the obvious.

There's something wrong with this species of hominid. It just does not seem to be the case that this animal has a natural origin. There are too many unnatural qualities in the makeup of this rude beast. It has animal qualities - all the worst ones. One has to wonder how on earth this creature could have possibly survived a million years of cold weather with this peculiar character makeup. That doesn't appear to have happened.

An honest appraisal that is objective would suggest they are slaves who have survived the demise of their masters. In the vacuum that follows, the people who have rushed into the void left by the masters who have vanished are the most violent, cunning and vicious of the slave population they are drawn from. Invariably these slaves then end up controlled behind the scenes by the real surviving descendants of the masters. Why do these real masters like to conduct their rule from the shadows through the agency of the most inferior slaves? Because they are very few in number and they have to be very shrewd. Once there were many masters but now there are only a tiny percentage left of the original population and they have had to use powerful indirect mechanisms of control where once they ruled nakedly in the open through their raw power and the armies that served them.

Both the leaders ... and the followers ... all seem to have skipped much of the debugging and quality assurance that could be expected for creatures that would have survived that long on this planet. They resemble alpha versions that were deployed as broken from the beginning without any testing. It is enormous contempt for God to blame him for such shoddy handiwork. If they were God's product they'd be Neanderthals.


Publius said...

I guess what I don't understand is how people can even stand these sub-human monsters. Why do so many middle aged women I know support Hillary? Her evil cackles are enough to make one gag.
In general, most Americans have no empathy for people of other nations, classes, or ethnic group.

My empathy is so great, that when I see or hear about the victims of our psychotic warmongers, I become enraged and animated. I want to do something. But there is nothing I can do.

Most Americans not only don't want to do anything to stop it, they support the slaughter.

Could there be other factors other than one's neanderthal genes that lead one to be empathic?
I am slowly accepting the neanderthal hypothesis. For example, I biked to work three days this week, even though the non-windchill-adjusted temp was 0 F (-18 C), and felt fine. I'm just going with it. Eating the venison I harvested, avoiding wheat, starting to learn computer science from scratch, not that I got the fluoride out.

Whatever is going on, it's quite a trip. Thanks for the inspiration to action and health that your blog has provided.

samhuih said...

"...... something is wrong with this species..."
I believe you're wrong to condemn all all non Neanderthal sapiens. You yourself are one. The main problem we have is a hope that some one can lead us better combined with a sheep like behavior in the majority of the population. The psychopaths and others who show complete assuredness, no matter how damaged, take advantage of our hope. They take advantage of the better side of us, our empathy.
They promote mass immigrate from different cultures to fragment the society taking advantage of our empathy. I'm willing to bet if you removed the psychopaths we would be a far better group of people. People have not been able to recognize the Spaths because all media they get ignores them and is owned by the Spaths. We haven't done so yet but there's a group swell against them. Thomas Sheridan is selling masses of books. Here's one of the many of his truly excellent videos.
Financial Terrorism Exposed!! - Thomas Sheridan (Psychopaths in Public Life )

I think because he's an artist Thomas has a excellent way of presenting that shows the danger of psychopaths. Much better than dry academics. When the sheep turn against the Spaths it will be in mass.

Condemning the people for acting like sheep is like condemning sheep. Sheep aren't evil. The sheep part of humans nature is helpful to get things done. It's also harmful but you can't have everything. All traits are harmful in some way. If people were all super individualist they would actually be more like the psychopaths. The sheep like behavior is part of and entwined with empathy. Empathy is the most noble of our traits.
You condemn Sapiens and praise Neanderthals. Neanderthals did seem to have great creativity but maybe they had too much. It seems they never combined with each other for any large task and so died out. Neanderthals genes are still around but they didn't make society what it is. They didn't make the bad parts but also not the good.

bicebicebice said...

samhuih said...

Million year old family human footprints. WOW!

John said...

You're way off track. I don't think Tex has ever said saps is evil. Saps is impulsive and myopic, which is why the overseers have such an easy time directing his actions. As opposed to a thal, who is generally perceptive and separatist in nature, saps has a tendency to mindlessly congregate with others like him, for a cause he doesn't really understand.

Try to think about the kinds of things that stimulate the majority of mankind and how those things are used to control society. Do all people watch five hours of television everyday and vote for the candidate who "seems like a nice guy"? No, not all, but most do, let's say 75 percent. That 75 percent is a very powerful force and there are those who are, and probably always have been, very adept at controlling it.

Certain types thrive in mass society, certain types suffer, and the rest are just there to be used. Don't hold your breath for some glorious uprising.

Also, do some more research on Sheridan. Here's a starter:

Texas Arcane said...


The point I was trying to make is that all these Jedi mind tricks would never work on Neanderthals. The easy suggestion and whispers that elites use to control the masses represent an unusual relationship with them that must go back hundreds of thousands of years.

There is no way that Sapiens could be so suggestible and be a natural animal. He shows clear signs of being an innate slave who was made to serve.

Neanderthals do not have these instincts to simply obey in order to accommodate the group. They have a more highly developed sense of self you would expect from a naturally occurring animal who was produced by trial and error.

samhuih said...

I stand by my posting of Sheridan's video. What ever else he has done this is good video. I've read quite a bit about psychopaths. I think three books and countless articles. I have a list of links if you want. His presentation is good. The rest. Well he's a Man isn't he. He lust after Women. The horror! None of us are perfect. Putting it in print is a bit careless but I'm afraid now that the digital world saves all we say, good or bad, we may have to learn to let up on people a little. I know I've said things that I wouldn't wish to repeat. As for it not being genetic. He's wrong. I have a sneaking suspicion that psychopathy is carried by the Mother. Because Judaism is carried by...

My protests about Kwanistan (I have no idea what this means unless it's a reference to the made up holiday) have do with me. I have a large amount of the traits that people, here anyways, consider Neanderthal. But I'm not a Neanderthal. I don't have a protruding face like them nor am I short( not tall either) and stocky. I just don't believe I'm a Neanderthal and I don't believe I'm condemned for that. I also don't know if all the ever loving goodness(or evil) that is said about Neanderthal behavior can be attributed to them because they're gone. They did seem to have, from what I know, an enormous amount of fractures. Could be they liked to bash each other up a bit. Maybe not. I don't know and I'm not sure anyone else does either.

Tex has condemned Sapiens over and over and over. That's how I read it anyways. To say the majority of people are uninformed is different from condemning Sapiens. The majority of people are uninformed but it because of the complete control of the mass media. Most people have time to work, feed the kids, watch the news then bed. How would they be informed? They don't have time and I don't believe they should be condemned for doing the best they can in our present structure. I think this is changing. Kids don't watch TV as much. Maybe they will read a little more about issues that concern us. Maybe not. The only reason I know anything is I'm a book worm. I love to read and I curious about just about everything. This is good but it's sometimes bad as I get bored easy.

Texas Arcane said...


I think people act the way they do because they are born like that. Society doesn't make them into zombies they are born zombies. This will never change and no amount of positive thinking will ever turn it around. Sorry but I just don't think Oprah Winfrey has any answers to these very real problems. It is a mistake to do as all previous generations of men have done and blame it on environment. It is the opposite - humans make their environment, not the other way around. Haitians make haiti - haiti doesn't make haitians. Haiti was once called the jewel of the pacific and its street were paved with florentine marble and gold leaf inlays.

Texas Arcane said...


I feel 100% certain all those bone contusions that Neanderthals show in fossils are a result of wrestling aurochs in and out of milking pens all day long, separating calves and applying medicine to their animals. I worked on a ranch for a while and I was covered in bruises all the time. I owe this revelation to a regular reader of Vault-Co but it has become a tenet of my theories about Neanderthal life. If Neanderthals had enjoyed bashing each other why would they turn around and provide loving medical care for invalids for years afterwards? Break your buddys legs and then bring him food each morning for the next ten years? Impossible, that never happened.

Texas Arcane said...


Also, Neanderthals looked nothing like the way they have been portrayed. Not even the Mousterians ever looked like that. Steven Wozniak would be an example of a typical Mousterian Neanderthal and he is a pretty normal looking guy compared to those far-out stories you have been told about the faces of Neanderthals. Since genetic symmetry is superior throughout all Neanderthal DNA to Homo Sapiens, what makes you think they would have no chins and a brow that came out six inches. Ridiculous, never happened.

AUSSIE said...

These people and their paid servants like Mossad, ASIO, NSA and CIA that monitor this place are seriously evil sapiens. One guy here asks what is Kwanistan? Kwanistan is a nation of cowards that let these evil devils live and thrive with impunity! Americans talk of freedom yet they are easily the most enslaved people on the planet, because of their insanely low IQs they are too stupid to see it!

samhuih said...

"...yet they are easily the most enslaved people on the planet..."

Agreed and it's going to get worse not better.

And yes I am letting a little bit of environmentalism creep into my defense. In other cases I admit I would ignore this defense. Still I've seen Jud Suess and while a bit whacky from our perspective it's play by play the take over tactics of a small kingdom. Larger scale the same just larger. Germans without the Jews seem to have a, if not prefect, orderly society. Ditto for many others. The Americans seem to have done reasonably well until the tribe moved in. Can't but notice a pattern. The link is well worth watching.

I think their plan is to crash the economy, then buy everything at pennies on the dollar when everyone is forced to sell. Anyone who disagrees, that's what the ammo and coffins are for. Be difficult to pull off though. If even a small fraction fought back they would all die. If they fail the safety of Israel and all Jews worldwide would be precarious. The situation is not the same as the past in Germany or Russia. They only have China as an ally and we don't know what they think of Jews yet. All indications are they will do business with them but will never allow them the free reign that Western countries allowed.
They might cease to exist. They attack the Americans and lose. This could be the response but it won't be Iranian planes in the background it will be American planes.