Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mainstream Gives Up, Now Trying To Amend Theories

But the evidence is piling up faster than they can make straw man documentaries.

Still insisting only primitive peoples reached North America. I don't think so.

The evidence points to very sophisticated mound builders and monolithic construction societies far advanced beyond the Indians. Maybe the Neanderthal was not quite the revolutionary explorer they are trying to suggest - perhaps the Neanderthals were making a journey in seal boats that Melonheads traversed in true sailing vessels made of reeds or wooden hulls on a weekly basis. My ancestors could have been waving in their little boats at full armadas cruising by on their way to the Americas.

There is extensive evidence of far more than mere Viking expeditions. Huge swaths of the United States are filled with ruins of buildings and pyramid structures that would have been impossible to the simple hunter gatherers who came later. Everywhere you look, you see the afterglow of what were once very sophisticated seafaring civilizations who imposed a common language and a common cultural norm worldwide, something impossible to do even today. I do not think such a thing is even desirable but melonheads have worked towards conformity of this sort for eons.

I think it was Allan Bloom who pointed out that multiculturalism is designed to accomplish by stealth the destruction of all cultural variants and merge them all into one common culture under a world hegemon. Each culture in turn is destroyed by importing its enemies until there are only atomic groups struggling for their share of the pie under a socialist government. Very clever, I think. I have read of this sort of thing before in scripture. Nimrod gave his people mushrooms from the forest to pollute their minds and then told them that there were wild boars roaming around everywhere. These people he conquered first mentally, colonizing their minds with his lies. They then fell easily under his rule and went to work on his great tower in Babel for him. Truly, nothing new under the sun. Globalism is just good old Nimrod up to his same old ancient tricks.

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Luke said...

If the Jews are a branch of the Neanderthal tree, what ethnic groups today are descended from the melons?

Or are Sephardic Jews Neanderthals and the Khazars Melonheads?