Friday, February 14, 2014

Learn How To Pull A Rickshaw Cart

That is what your kids are going to be doing for a living if we continue with our present "leadership."

Notice how their leaders are like the super brains from Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION series and our leadership consists mostly of people who have never had day jobs and fat guys smoking crack pipes with local drug dealers?

Future descendants of yours will be real lucky to score a gig polishing the shoes of visiting Chinese dignitaries and cleaning wine corks and used condoms out of their backyard pools with a pole net.

You know how they say things that have good beginnings usually have good endings? China is just at the start of a thousand year run here that is going to see them dominate space travel and eugenics. The West is going to be a third world hovel of mud huts and basket weaving franchises on the side of the international highway.

A Third World War?

Won't even trip them up. They will recover and rebuild within a decade or so and will probably be putting in better improved infrastructure because of it.

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