Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaboom : The Beginnings of the Death Of The American Republic

This article was really funny. 

There was also something very true in it.

Around the time the culture wars were being waged in the 60's, there began to appear a wide array of caricatures of things. Hollow imitations of things with the real vitality sucked out of them. The appearance of substance but only the outer forms of things. This disease spread unchecked until nearly everything in America became a caricature of itself. Increasingly it was like a stage play where the actors are just going through the motions without making any kind of an effort.

I think this was the purpose of the culture wars, postmodernism and the culture of critique. To literally suck the genuine life force out of things and bleed them dry until nobody believed in them anymore. To undermine the foundations so as to cause the guardians to fall asleep … because they developed the conviction that nothing was worth guarding.

The tragedy is that America coming out of WWII and the 1950's was anything but the fake utopia of hollow lies that the media is constantly revising our memory of. It was a real utopia of sorts, with limitations but nothing like all previous civilisations that we know of. America could only be made to believe it was fatally flawed by creating a fantastic, mad ideal that could never be realised and then announcing America had come up short of this bizarre ideal. When in fact the founders of the United States never aspired to any of these wild, foreign, subversive, occidental ideals but had strove for far more modest goals … and had hit nearly all of them by 1955.

The problem with success is … it sows the seeds of its own destruction. It attracts the wrong kinds of people every time. The improvamenters and enrichers. They can smell success the way sharks smell blood in the water and it always smells like an opportunity to them to move in and tear everything apart.

They did a good job on America and today only Kwanstainia remains.

Fox News represents the nadir of this transformation. A faux neoconservative cable channel built by far left Bolshevists pretending to be in opposition to the far left Bolshevists now in power. All of them hollow actors playing at roles, nothing authentic left anywhere. The real life of the civilisation drained out until it is as pale and bloodless as Bill O'Reilly.


bicebicebice said...

Very nice post!

Sounds like youre talking about Sweden, unfortunately, lol!

Same problem everywhere in the western world, thank god for the internet.

Ps. 2.9% neanderthal according to 23andme, paternal I1 and maternal H2a1, they dont provide denisovan score though.

evilwhitemalempire said...

A faux neoconservative cable channel built by far left Bolshevists pretending to be in opposition to the far left Bolshevists now in power.
the Washington Generals to Obama's Harlem Globe Trotters

"He's spinning the ball on his finger! Take it!"

John said...

"To undermine the foundations so as to cause the guardians to fall asleep … because they developed the conviction that nothing was worth guarding."

Man, you really hit the nail on the head. There are a thousand manifestations of this but the one that really scares me is the lack of masculine seriousness and virility. Phrases like "fail" and "awkward" mumbled in nasal tones, submissive body language, averted gazes, etc.

I remember you saying that office work has worn you down, and that 20 years ago you would have thrown a man to the ground if he raised his voice to you. At least you once had that kind of vitality. The men in their 20's now, the men my age, are already such simpering milquetoasts that it's difficult for me to imagine them degenerating even further. To what, God only knows.

I think our grandfathers loosened the reins, and that the slide began in earnest with our fathers. They are weak men and their sons, my generation, are simply a predictable outcome. A lot of guys are catching on to this, but a big problem is that acting as if you have a spine is a huge red flag in today's society. You've mentioned staying "in character" around your family and coworkers, and indeed there is quite a bit of pressure on men to do this. My great fear is that at some point men won't have any inner vitality to suppress, that it will be bled and bred out of us.

Bloodless is the word, yes sir. Don't even get me started on the current "dating" scene. Can you imagine trying to find someone to start a family with in this day and age?

theepilgrim said...

Tex, you must read this. It's like something you would make up in jest to mock modern scienmajistics.

In a sane world, such a revelation would herald the end of "peer-reviewed" science journals, and academia as a whole, as being some sort of sacred cow, above reproach. In this world, however, it will be flushed down the memory hole as a non-event, just like Climategate.

cbenediccengi said...


you also have to remember that masculinity exists in a dichotomy with femininity. Chivalry is dead, and women killed it. Generally, when something is worthless, it is given away for free. ie. whores.
The family is the bedrock of civilization and the Marxist/Frankfurt School have done a great job using de-constructionist critiques of The West to undermine the pillars. This is an easy argument to decimate, but the faggits and women (most of them ) at university can't answer simple questions like: a. What would happen if you applied your critique across cultures? and, b. What do you suggest as an alternative? The answers would surely be a. The West is utterly imperfect, but objectively the best; and b. Their 'tabula rasa' view of humanity and their attempts to re-mold human nature itself results in mass the age of nMRI's and such, we know for a fact that gender/race identity are NOT learned behavior.

women will go to the strongest horse in the race that can get them resources. that's the way they're wired. Marxism made their man the government, and these dumb whores never have to face the consequences of their actions. So the .gov steals from responsible people and gives to idiots ('victims'): drug addicts, single mother whores, non-committal cads, lazy fucks. There is absolutely no incentive to be a forth-right, hard working, white, hetero, Christian-Man. The only way the tide will turn is when women are removed from power and are once again dependent on a man for protection and providence by offering love, nurturing and a nice home.

I have only met one woman in my life that would induce a sense of manliness in myself, and was specifically because of her hyper-femininity: graceful, classy, fit, polite, curvy supple body. dressed beautiful and pulled off the whole 'coquette' thing ,ala, Sophia Loren. And she was a Persian. I am white.
Who's society do you suppose will win? The one that inspires martyrdom, or the one that inspires suicide?

AUSSIE said...

Kwanians are certainly not the same men as their fathers and grandfathers who stormed ashore on Iwo Jima and Normandy!