Friday, February 28, 2014

Is Russia Ready To Fight World War III In Crimea?

The 'Stain has the worst possible leader to cope with a crisis like this.

Pray the Kwa has the wisdom to keep their rag-tag army of retards out of this conflict. Russia will dropkick their ass in a conventional war. If they choose nonconventional that would be most unwise. As the computer said in WARGAMES, the best strategic move is not to play.

If Russia gets Crimea back it will hardly be the end of the world but the dopes in the Kwa could turn it into just that if they are dumb enough to get involved. Just like Syria, every conflict in the world is one that the 'Stain should steer clear of.


samhuih said...

I believe we have no business butting into Ukraine's business but you're wrong about,"Russia will dropkick their ass in a conventional war". Their conventional army is dismal. Their equipment is dismal and mostly nonfunctional. Except their hind helicopters and close air support planes equivalent to the A-10 which are excellent equipment.
The reason we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan is our stated goal was to bring them democracy. A lot of the soldiers do have a conscious even if their leaders are psychopaths. The only time we acted in a ruthless manner in Iraq was in Fallujah and even then we let all the Women and children leave before we leveled the place. If we acted like the Romans in Iraq every city that opposed us we would have completely leveled and enslaved the Women and children. I'm not saying this is a good idea. We couldn't convince Iraqi's and Afghans to do what we want but in a fight to the death situation we would have destroyed them. Once again I'm not saying this would be a good idea or that I advocate it. Just that you shouldn't confuse the issue of power with persuasion.

AUSSIE said...


You Kwanians make me laugh! It's the man not the technology and equipment that is the important part of this formula! Russians don't rely on hi tec toys to fight wars like Amerikwans do, that's why you never win your wars. You forgot this message immediately after WWII and you have won nothing since! Every Russian Fighter even the bad ones are self-contained Hunter-Killers! It's what's in your head not what's in your hands that wins the fight! Hungry Russian Conscript versus volunteer Kwanian mega consumer unit? NO CONTEST!

AUSSIE said...


It's the man that matters not the toys!

A hungry Russian Conscript (even a bad one) is a self contained Hunter-Killer versus Amerikwan Volunteer megasized consumer unit equals no contest! It's what's in the fighters head not what's in his hands that wins the battle! You kwanians forgot this immediately after WW2 that's why you haven't won anything major since 1945! Keep the gameboy Gizmos and give me a hardened Spetznaz any day!

Texas Arcane said...



I was in the Yank Army! Trust me, unless they fell on you there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a bunch of pansies relying on high tech gadgetry that they are also tasked to maintain, which means none of it is ever working for long.

… on the other hand, Russian Spetznatz? You better think again. These are people you don't ever want to meet in combat. They don't fight fair, they win. Kwanzan potato dumplings would be stripped and buttf*cked in ten minutes by Russian troops and the following day they would probably be washing dishes and darning socks for their captors.

What is sad about Amerikwans is that they think playing computer games based on the exploits of real life soldiers is sufficient training to face off against real soldiers. Not even. The Russian soldier is the product of scarcity, hardship, underfunding and difficult circumstances. This is the reason they call them battle hardened because they went through places like Georgia like a knife through butter despite having no tech toys like the Americans. They do their killing eye to eye, not over XBox Live.

Texas Arcane said...


The United States has been fighting pretend wars against goat herders and falafel stands for so long they have started to believe their own propaganda about them having the greatest army in the world.

So did the Romans … about 100 years earlier than Romans were still claiming they had a great army. When Rome was finally overrun most citizens found out the truth … there had been no centurions guarding Rome in over a half a century.

Amerikwa has a surprise in their future if they start a real war against a real opponent. Anybody can carpet bomb civilians, if there is a real war they are going to be rudely awakened about the state of their army.

This has happened to the reigning world empire at the start of every World War. They had found out they are ridiculously unqualified to wage the war they have just started. Remember french troops riding parade horses with sabres drawn into German machine gun gauntlets at the start of World War One? A joke.

Being an empire is a curse because it causes you to go soft in the head immediately and think you are a lot better at everything than you actually are. What good you were quickly vanishes with all the self-congratulation floating around.

Publius said...

Keep in mind, friends, that Americans treat technology like is a religion. Sumhuih is just expressing that faith, along with being brainwashed by our own propaganda. "Our states goal was to bring them democracy?"
Is he joking?
The neocons talked in the mainstream press about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan being about kicking the shit out of weak countries, so that the rest will fear us.

It's that sociopathic narcissism, based on nothing but hubris and wishful thinking that has caused me to want to emigrate.
There are still some good people here. I see it mostly in the tech sector, because tech companies need non-morons to survive.
But elsewhere: there's not much going on upstairs.

The things that are wrong with this culture start at the bottom and go to the top. Even the money-grubbing is over the top and irrational: because nobody cares about subjects such as science, history, or learning for itself, there's not much learning going on. Except among the self-taught, who are basically outcasts.

Thus the elites who run things are are de facto idiots.

If they are stupid enough to get into a war with Russia over Ukraine, they will be very sorry.

samhuih said...

You're wrong. None of you can say I worship my country or it's spath leaders but that doesn't make you right. You compare apples and oranges. The mighty Russian Spetznatz! Shiver. We have our own special forces and I would have no problem putting them up against Russian Spetznatz.
The idea that the Man is more powerful than the equipment is true, to a point. Try to stop a Man with an Ak with a butter knife. A lot of this talk came out of John Boyd's work. It's good work but all Boyd was saying was to react faster than your opponent. I think he overplayed the idea that technology is of little use. If technology is of no importance why was China defeated in the opium wars? The truth is it's a balance.

All armies have dead weight. You compare Americas average to Russia's best and find America wanting. Well duhh. You sound just like the leftist who hate White people because they haven't created heaven on earth for all the loving other races in the US and around the world.
You also have completely skipped over my comment that,"... We couldn't convince Iraqi's and Afghans to do what we want but in a fight to the death situation we would have destroyed them...". Preferring instead the US lost. Well did the Soviets lose in Afghanistan? What happened when the Russians first went into Chechnya? Have they completely stabilized Chechnya? Have the miraculous Spetznatz conquered all? What happened? The average Russian conscript is no prize and Russia has traditionally won it's wars by piling up the bodies. Others bodies and lots and lots of theirs. Their population is not what it used to be. Neither is the US's hence the reliance on technology. A fair criticism of Americas fighting style is we rely too much on firepower. Fair enough but I know I'd rather fight with firepower than bodies.

samhuih said...

Publius said..."

Keep in mind, friends, that Americans treat technology like is a religion. Sumhuih is just expressing that faith, along with being brainwashed by our own propaganda..."

You attribute thoughts to me I don't have. "Worship"? "religion"? Comparing technology is hardly a form of worship. You overstate the case to belittle my argument. Here's your same argument in a different context. Publius said..."A comparison of a small tractor based backhoe and a full sized backhoe shows that samhuih worships full sized backhoes." Sounds silly doesn't it? So does your argument in this case.
Publius quoting me said...
"Our states goal was to bring them democracy?"
Is he joking?"

No. Bad writing I admit. Should read "Our stated goal". Yes that was a major stated goal. Doesn't matter if it's true. Any one whose read any of the post I've made here knows I don't believe this. But stated goals do make a difference. War is a continuance of politics and stated goals effect policy and the behavior of the fighting units following those goals. If our stated goal was,"We must crush all dissent in Iraq by any means" do you think Iraq would have been different? Would we have gone there in the first place with those goals? I don't believe they would have had enough support to go there with those goals.

Texas Arcane said..."...I was in the Yank Army! Trust me, unless they fell on you there is nothing to be afraid of..."
I can't speak for the Army but I can for the Air Force and we weren't like that. The Marine Corp is not like that either.
I mostly resent the thought here of some that if I don't despise all of America, all Americans and all America's soldiers I must be in the Rah Rah club for global empire, continuous war and financial piracy. I rejet this notion.
I'm certainly not like the Vietnam era protesters that spit on troops that were following the imbecilic leaders in Washington. Some of the criticisms here seem straight out of 1984. Eastasia good, Oceania bad. No nuance what so ever. Like Roman mobs cheering for different colored chariot teams.
If you're going to criticize me don't do it with words I don't say and thoughts I don't think.