Friday, February 28, 2014

Is Russia Ready To Fight World War III In Crimea?

The 'Stain has the worst possible leader to cope with a crisis like this.

Pray the Kwa has the wisdom to keep their rag-tag army of retards out of this conflict. Russia will dropkick their ass in a conventional war. If they choose nonconventional that would be most unwise. As the computer said in WARGAMES, the best strategic move is not to play.

If Russia gets Crimea back it will hardly be the end of the world but the dopes in the Kwa could turn it into just that if they are dumb enough to get involved. Just like Syria, every conflict in the world is one that the 'Stain should steer clear of.

Born Confused, Then Downhill From There

Spike Lee, notorious racist, bitching about ghetto flats getting purchased for a million dollars a pop.

Even if something miraculously good happened to black people, would they know?

I've lived there. It looked like a demilitarized zone following a campaign of organised carpet bombing being reclaimed by crawling ivy. The streets were choked ankle deep with AIDs-infected syringes and crack pipes. I traveled to and from my apartment at noon, when black people are all sleeping. I locked the door and blacked out the windows so nobody would know who lived in there. I was there for three months and it felt exactly like living in a war zone hidden under the floor of a barn. I heard gunfire and angry yelling all night long. Twice people beat on my door looking for somebody who had moved away years ago. Nobody was more pleased when I moved out of that dump. I considered it practice for a post-apocalyptic environment.

Some of these black families have been paid enough money for these post-atomic ruins they live in to retire happily for the rest of their lives and leave a big sum of money to their kids. They probably will enjoy lives of ease sheerly rewarded for evacuating a huge blighted dump while you continue to work for a living.

It still isn't sufficient for Spike. Remember kids, hating people because of the colour of their skin is wrong, at least if you are white. Everybody else is fine with it. That means anti-racism is really nothing but anti-white, the worst kind of racism of them all because it is vile racism based on envy, malice and spite, nothing more. Don't hate us for being beautiful because it means that you must be ugly as sin. Never forget that hating whites for their virtues is the same as nakedly hating the Neanderthal for his or her race. It is the vilest sort of racism and bigotry.

Spike can't stand the fact that white gentrification has transformed his public sewer into a beautiful suburban sanctuary where mothers feel safe walking their babies at 3 am in the morning, formerly the practice of people who had arbitrarily decided to commit suicide. Maybe Spike liked it better when they had shot out the streetlights and used to drag single mothers coming home from work into the crack houses nearby and gangrape them for days before killing them. That must be the "culture" he wants to preserve.

I remember coming off the train late one evening because of poor timing and hearing some girl screaming way off across the blocks at midnight and thinking the only thing that could ever fix this toilet is a tactical nuclear weapon airburst at 500 meters. Turns out, I was wrong. Just moving the inhabitants out of it seems to have fixed it up fine.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaboom : The Beginnings of the Death Of The American Republic

This article was really funny. 

There was also something very true in it.

Around the time the culture wars were being waged in the 60's, there began to appear a wide array of caricatures of things. Hollow imitations of things with the real vitality sucked out of them. The appearance of substance but only the outer forms of things. This disease spread unchecked until nearly everything in America became a caricature of itself. Increasingly it was like a stage play where the actors are just going through the motions without making any kind of an effort.

I think this was the purpose of the culture wars, postmodernism and the culture of critique. To literally suck the genuine life force out of things and bleed them dry until nobody believed in them anymore. To undermine the foundations so as to cause the guardians to fall asleep … because they developed the conviction that nothing was worth guarding.

The tragedy is that America coming out of WWII and the 1950's was anything but the fake utopia of hollow lies that the media is constantly revising our memory of. It was a real utopia of sorts, with limitations but nothing like all previous civilisations that we know of. America could only be made to believe it was fatally flawed by creating a fantastic, mad ideal that could never be realised and then announcing America had come up short of this bizarre ideal. When in fact the founders of the United States never aspired to any of these wild, foreign, subversive, occidental ideals but had strove for far more modest goals … and had hit nearly all of them by 1955.

The problem with success is … it sows the seeds of its own destruction. It attracts the wrong kinds of people every time. The improvamenters and enrichers. They can smell success the way sharks smell blood in the water and it always smells like an opportunity to them to move in and tear everything apart.

They did a good job on America and today only Kwanstainia remains.

Fox News represents the nadir of this transformation. A faux neoconservative cable channel built by far left Bolshevists pretending to be in opposition to the far left Bolshevists now in power. All of them hollow actors playing at roles, nothing authentic left anywhere. The real life of the civilisation drained out until it is as pale and bloodless as Bill O'Reilly.

Chimpmanzee Scienmajistics

Bear with me, I will walk you through it. Soot from volcanos blocks sunlight and leads to global cooling, preserves the laws of thermodynamics. So far, so good. Soot from human activities traps heat by passing sunlight one way but not letting heat escape out. This special soot is called "carbon," which mysteriously is the same name of a substance actually found in the atomic chart but somehow isn't like that kind of carbon at all it is a special carbon with special carbon powers. Also, give me money and I will fight teh warmthinkery on your behalf for teh winnarz.

They must be doing a lot of peer review. (Link courtesy Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Third World Dump Proves Voting Doesn't Work

Nope. It doesn't. When a nation is as far gone as the 'Stain you can vote all you want, it won't do you any good.

The U.S. Constitution was written with Oliver Cromwell in particular in mind. The monster in the half copper mask with a steel glove over his fist and a cape. As the Founders predicted, the Constitution would not stand against human stupidity forever and someday the Republic would fall.

I find it amazing that people in the midst of the decline never realize they are in the midst of the decline. Every ten generations like clockwork and people never learn anything. Manboons are not a learning animal.

Mainstream Gives Up, Now Trying To Amend Theories

But the evidence is piling up faster than they can make straw man documentaries.

Still insisting only primitive peoples reached North America. I don't think so.

The evidence points to very sophisticated mound builders and monolithic construction societies far advanced beyond the Indians. Maybe the Neanderthal was not quite the revolutionary explorer they are trying to suggest - perhaps the Neanderthals were making a journey in seal boats that Melonheads traversed in true sailing vessels made of reeds or wooden hulls on a weekly basis. My ancestors could have been waving in their little boats at full armadas cruising by on their way to the Americas.

There is extensive evidence of far more than mere Viking expeditions. Huge swaths of the United States are filled with ruins of buildings and pyramid structures that would have been impossible to the simple hunter gatherers who came later. Everywhere you look, you see the afterglow of what were once very sophisticated seafaring civilizations who imposed a common language and a common cultural norm worldwide, something impossible to do even today. I do not think such a thing is even desirable but melonheads have worked towards conformity of this sort for eons.

I think it was Allan Bloom who pointed out that multiculturalism is designed to accomplish by stealth the destruction of all cultural variants and merge them all into one common culture under a world hegemon. Each culture in turn is destroyed by importing its enemies until there are only atomic groups struggling for their share of the pie under a socialist government. Very clever, I think. I have read of this sort of thing before in scripture. Nimrod gave his people mushrooms from the forest to pollute their minds and then told them that there were wild boars roaming around everywhere. These people he conquered first mentally, colonizing their minds with his lies. They then fell easily under his rule and went to work on his great tower in Babel for him. Truly, nothing new under the sun. Globalism is just good old Nimrod up to his same old ancient tricks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Climate Clown Busted, Files For Bankruptcy

Michael Mann is one of the biggest frauds to come out of Penn State in years, a college famous for buggering little boys and faking scientific data

Mann refused to turn over his scientific data in court!! In order to prove his own scientific claims!!! How on earth does somebody funded by taxpayers get away with stuff like this for as long as he has?!?

I don't know what they are putting in the drinking water at Penn State but stop drinking it!! It apparently makes you into a pathetic jerk!

This planet is run by idiots, fools and madmen. Mann will hopefully be unable to get a job washing windows at intersections after this. We live in a world that rewards people like Mann for just making stuff up out of thin air. This guy was big science with a capital "S" for twenty years with this bogus climate garbage. Think of how many people there are out there with real aptitudes not working in the field, denied tenure and refused any funding for research into reality.

The tenth generation of men is always the worst. They are the bitter fruit of declining civilizations. Mann is typical of the sort of people who dominate science nowadays. Everything that ever came out of his mouth was lies. Later, he'd try to dummy up what looked like some science to support the stuff he had fabricated. This guy was no scientist.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Endocrinal Disruptors in The Water Supply

So obvious and yet they are only now concluding it

The composite girl on the left makes me feel strange. She's too masculine. All the women in hollywood look this way and frankly they are just not attractive.

The girl on the right is all woman. She elicits feelings of respect, attraction and a desire to protect her. You glance at her face and jumping in front of a bus to keep her safe seems like the most natural thing in the world.

(Link courtesy Vault-Co reader)

Moonbats Are Humorless Dweebs

Scientific evidence for what most people already knew deep down

No amygdala. Can't make value judgements which means they cannot understand absurdity, contrast and juxtaposition of opposing ideas.

They are also seriously devoted to "changing the world," a recipe for increasing drab misery and the total volume of human suffering if ever there was.

Hoplophobic Marxist Nut Gets His Pink Slip

Because you are boring, Piers. Really, really boring. It is like listening to Liberace list his wardrobe for an hour.

I can't understand why this is the best shill the gun-grabbers in the New World Order could find. His arguments were terrible and they made you want to shoot him just in order to humanely put him out of his misery. His ideas about government were no better than you would expect from some guy you meet sitting on the bus. Appalling to think he believed he merited his own show. His general notions about the world made it seem like he had been trapped in a time warp since the 1970's. A guy who simply doesn't get out much and most of what he knows he got from media newsrooms talking to horribly naive fellow British journalists who still believe socialism has certain charms to commend it. If you look up "twit" in the UK dictionary they have a little photo of this guy beside the definition.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why All The Dead Bankers?

Not sure if this is a feelgood story or a dire warning. Maybe both.

You have to take stock of your general impression of bankers first.

Any day a banker turns up dead is going to leave the whole planet with mixed emotions. First, the sky seems a deeper shade of blue. The birds are singing. The sun is brighter and the air smells better. Then you got that dead banker.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Genetics Is A Little More Complex Than Ordinary People Will Ever Be Able To Understand

This is a good summary of the new paradigm I began to absorb about six years ago.

Genes don't do what people think they do. They don't work the way they think they work. They are more like holograms than you would be willing to believe.

They don't blend like paints. They don't mix necessarily when crossed. As plant growers will tell you, they often seem to be quite stubborn about their inherent nature to the point where you can never say for certain you have hybridised anything perfectly. Given their own lead, they tend to revert back to what they really are. A thing seems to insist on being that thing, almost as if its original record is the most important to it. This blows a mile wide hole in neo-darwinist evolutionary ideas.

If any of my ideas is really difficult to accept it is the notion that after the Neanderthal people were mass genocided, cannibalised, taken as war captives and gang-raped for thousands of years and the children made into chattel slaves … that the essential Neanderthal nature remains largely untouched. Given half a chance and the right climate, I believe that the current "hybrids" would simply revert back to Neanderthals. Without the constant beatdown of Sapiens and Melonheads and their boots to their throats, the Neanderthal would just wander off, form smaller extremely successful tribes of xenophobic elitists and once again dominate the planet through sheer attrition.

Something of the frustration about the immortality of the Enkidu comes through in Humbaba's Curse in The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is almost as if the "gods" have given up on the notion this creature could ever be destroyed so they have resolved to make it suffer as horrible an existence as is possible. In some ways, the curse is a white flag of surrender, conceding the Neanderthal is, was and will forever be. Apparently whoever originally authored this story was well aware you just can't keep the rodeo clown down because there is something about him that is innately magical. No matter how many times he gets thrown off the bull and butted, he has a way of returning on you. This is why I say, the Neanderthal must have friends in high places. Whoever created them decided that they would never perish, no matter what happened. They are the originals and the best and there is no substitution.

It is not magical, however. There is a very simple explanation for it. The Neanderthal is the best adapted biped for long term inhabitation of this planet. They are not designed for a week or ten years or just to survive the Holocene or to last for a single summer like grasshoppers. They are designed to last forever on a planet like the one we live on. Forever.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Return To 9th Century Feudalism For Private Property

Over the years I have found myself explaining to complete strangers again and again why I have come out to ask them why they are standing in my backyard. 

The notion of private property is intimately related to frontal lobe function. More and more people in the modern world have trouble understanding the idea of trespass. This is normal in primitive tribal societies where nobody really has any property which is not regarded as communal. Modern people are increasingly anything but modern. They seem more and more primitive every day, lapsing back into barbarism. The reason it is noticeable is that it is deteriorating day by day, not decade by decade. It is happening quickly enough for an observant person to see the changes from month to month.

It is my humble opinion that most people in the current era display classic symptoms of frontal lobe damage.

Not as an exception. As the norm. People with frontal lobes working are definitely in the minority everywhere you look. You see them sometimes like albino squirrels ... as a rare anomaly.

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Climate Change" Causing Whales To Get Sewage-Transmitted Disease

More likely the lax regulations on sewage outfalls in most Western nations are to blame, not "climate change."

You're probably thinking, "Wait, sewage outfalls into the ocean? Isn't that illegal?" It used to be. It has quietly been overlooked until it has become a default right of municipal governments in many major Western cities including Sydney. When civil authorities were brighter and more conscious of disease hazards they used to strictly regulate it, using it only for emergency releases. It gradually came back into vogue as a regular occurrence as the majority of the population has become dumb as stumps, city bureaucrats included. One of the primary responsibilities of government is to regulate public health to protect from epidemics and this is a classic case of failure. The poor whales get told it is all due to climate change. Wait, we should put Brawndo on it, the thirst mutilator. If we mix that in with the sewage the whales will get ripped even as they get infected with Toxoplasmosis.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kwanstainia Looks Like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY at Olympics

Hand lettered skating outfits that guarantee poor performances

Amateur whorehouse run out of a shoebox. I am sure Russia is quaking at the show of power by the nation formerly known as the United States. Or not.

Good News From India

In spite of the best efforts of the worst men to keep mankind down, we might still rise up.

Free electricity forever and solar paint. The future will take a lot of work to keep the people in it miserable. It might take more than the elites can muster. We can only hope. I hope my next shelter is never used for anything more than a nice little home away from home for my family.

There is No Barack Obama

He is a fictional character invented by the left to run for the Presidency. In real life there is a Barry Soetoro, a drug addicted street hustler who never graduated school and has never had a day job in his life.

He wrote creepy sodomite poetry to leave no doubt as to his sexual proclivity when he was skipping class. Everybody around him was aware his entire life that he didn't like women.

Some people think Barry is having an affair with this closeted Republican.

A lot of people who knew him growing up have trouble believing that all of this could be concealed. I have trouble believing it myself.

Do you think somebody could keep this much under wraps and not have been born in Kenya? 

Of course he was born in Kenya. This is why the Founding Fathers thought only a native born American should hold this office. The man has been shaping the courts to destroy the United States from the inside. He is a foreign born fifth columnist.

We are lucky to have Tony Abbott in this country. He is a warm blooded mammal who bears live young, just like me. We should all have elected officials who at least represent mammalian concerns. It is not right to put reptiles into leadership positions. The cold blooded should not govern the warm blooded.

Bishop Ussher Started Young Earth Creationism

Because Catholics never get it wrong.

Even Pat Robertson is bright enough to know something is amiss there.

When you know the back story you will start to understand that when Martin Luther nailed those criticisms on the door of the church in Wittenburg that the Protestant Reformation would have done well to discard any and all basic assumptions made by the Catholics over the past two thousand years and they should have started from scratch by reading the New Testament like it was the first time the book had been opened.

Anything retained from the church built by the Templars was abomination. I was raised a Catholic and I have never examined a tenet I didn't decide should be excluded from our faith. It is all junk including the dreadful heresy of young earth math.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Adventures In Fail : Kwanstainian Infrastructure

Where is the world's saddest rail line? Bungfuggistan, Fuggistania? You would think so.

No, it is in Indiana in the United States. Hard to believe it was once a main line.

Even third world countries normally have more self-respect than this.

Remember, this is a country where nearly 50% of the population believes the Sun revolves around the earth and at least 40% of children are on psychotropic drugs of some kind. Amerikwan edjamafacashun wins. Unfortunately, the entire nation lost. Badly.

This reminds me of when the van sails off the broken bridge in Idiocracy, seriously. :) I started laughing pretty hard watching that train crawl at around 1 mph over those twisty tracks. Apparently they were still trying to seriously carry freight over these lines until the last two years, they just slowed down when they hit that part. Nobody seemed to want to even report the condition of the rails … you gotta admit it is pretty hilarious. I am shocked they didn't show portions tied together with rope.

Think of the trillions lost in the banking embezzling schemes or the money the government can't even account for gone missing in the 'Stain. A tiny sliver so small it would be inconsequential, just a footnote, could have repaired every rail line in 'Stainia to as-new condition with silver plated rails.

I read something last night about the better part of the fuel supply for winter heating travels on these rails when trucks are landlocked by snow and ice. Imagine if the temperature just keeps dropping in 'Stainia with their rail system in this condition. My wife and I were discussing something earlier this week about how brilliant these old radiator systems with hot water were installed in Australia - they originally ran off boilers and are incredibly efficient. In a pinch you can heat a boiler with anything. Back in the '70s the whole country in the United States moved away from boiler systems to pure oil heaters or else propane systems.

Learn How To Pull A Rickshaw Cart

That is what your kids are going to be doing for a living if we continue with our present "leadership."

Notice how their leaders are like the super brains from Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION series and our leadership consists mostly of people who have never had day jobs and fat guys smoking crack pipes with local drug dealers?

Future descendants of yours will be real lucky to score a gig polishing the shoes of visiting Chinese dignitaries and cleaning wine corks and used condoms out of their backyard pools with a pole net.

You know how they say things that have good beginnings usually have good endings? China is just at the start of a thousand year run here that is going to see them dominate space travel and eugenics. The West is going to be a third world hovel of mud huts and basket weaving franchises on the side of the international highway.

A Third World War?

Won't even trip them up. They will recover and rebuild within a decade or so and will probably be putting in better improved infrastructure because of it.

Why Is the U.S. Government Pretending To Care?

They don't.

The real motivation behind this newly generated crisis is coming up with sound justifications to disarm returning veterans.

They've known for the past fifty years that even when soldiers have only been shot at a few times or seen a couple dead bodies of other soldiers (I would be a perfect example) that it has serious, dramatic effects on the mental health of those people for the rest of their lives. It doesn't matter what you have been told in this regard because the facts don't lie. Such people will be more likely to suffer severe depression or have drug and alcohol problems by many orders of magnitude compared to the general population. There is extensive research that shows most of these troops will be permanent misanthropes after getting out. They are also far more likely to despise the government and to disbelieve anything they say.

I'd actually be a spectacular outcome in the opinion of most of the shrinks at the Veterans Administration. All I have ever suffered in life is severe, crippling, catastrophic depression. I've never committed a crime, never used drugs and don't even drink. As far as the V.A. is concerned my sleep disorder and other difficulties would be minor compared with all the veterans who commit suicide. If they only had to worry about guys like me they'd have no story here.

The real fear is that guys like me end up more anti-government than any civilian would ever get a chance to be. We've seen the little man behind the curtain pretending to be the great and terrible Oz. We've been shot at so the government knows we probably are not going to frighten as easily as others and may not have any natural fear of authority. This is what they are really interested in. They never cared until it began to seem like a big demographic, all these pissed-off troops returning from years of battle with stop-loss orders.

As incredible as it may seem there is nothing historically unusual about any of this. Some of the biggest traitors to the Roman Empire were its staunchest patriots to begin with. These people became mercenaries after getting out and they were not soldiers you wanted to screw around with. The former members of the Roman Army were not paid in the geld they were promised and so they went up north and began to organise the Visigoths to raid and sack the city of Rome to get their back wages. The Huns and Teutonics up there had major grievances and all it took was an insider, a former Roman general, to show up in their village and tell them he knew exactly how to invade Rome and bypass all their defences and it was over. They were able to produce a million barbarians behind these mercenary instigators and Rome paid in blood many times over what they owed. The thing that made it easy was Rome's devout faith in the "god" of multiculturalism - there were no end of turncoats inside the gates who were willing to open them from the inside the morning the horde crossed the Tiber. It is funny how Rome's faith in her actual "gods" and religions had long since given way to a general secular indifference but the Roman faith in the multikult persisted right up to the instant they were decapitated still standing in their shoes. It all sounds so familiar. Odd how the most destructive ideologies are the most compelling in declining civilizations.

Most empires staff, train and alienate the very people who will return to destroy them. So the Kwanstainians are showing a great deal of shrewd foresight in their campaign to demonize these soldiers who have served so loyally so they can neuter them as human beings, take away their arms and put them on heavy diets of psychotropic drugs to keep them placid after they are discharged. It actually makes you wonder if there are some elites who really do learn from history.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There is no Alternative Party In The U.S.

It doesn't matter how you vote.

You can get Leninists or Trotskyists but they are all far left, radical hardcore marxists with ideas that were regarded as outrageously stupid only two generations ago.

There is no workaround for dumb. A dumb population will grasp at socialism the way a drowning man grasps at a life preserver. He thinks it will keep him afloat for a while and he is right - it is a slower way to drown by clinging to it. The basic problem, however, is that he doesn't know how to swim. A pretty serious problem in the middle of the ocean of history and of course it always ends with dumb people going down to Davy Jones locker. To live, you need to swim. The government in a declining civilisation offers to keep you afloat for a while if you surrender all rights to your own existence. A drowning man will invariably consent. When you get onboard with socialism, they give you a hot meal, a shower and a clean change of clothes. You think, well, this is better than drowning. Right after you finish eating they chain an anchor around your neck and throw you overboard. Socialism is what failed people do when they are desperate to survive at the expense of somebody else.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Melonheads Confirmed As The Third Hominid!!!

I believed I would be vindicated by DNA testing in the near future and I was right. 

People will take a long time to realize the significance of what has been uncovered here.

The third hominid is the answer to all the other questions. The third hominid is the prime mover, the essential pivot point that explains what otherwise would be a mystery about the other two.

When we ask who is the Neanderthal? Who is Homo Sapiens? We will never know the answers to those questions unless we are willing to contemplate the idea that neither one of those races was the dominant ruling class on this planet for a million years. The melonheads were.

What happened to the Neanderthals happened because they were the nearest thing to potential competitors that the melonheads had ever seen. They resolved to nip that problem in the bud and tried three different methods beginning around 120,000 years ago.

1. A genetically engineered virus designed to target Neanderthals. Failed. Mutated, backfired and killed more Melonheads and their slaves than Neanderthals. We have antibodies to this day to this supervirus, if you are of European descent you have antibodies in your system right now that would still kick in to protect you from being exposed to this virus. I hate to think what happened to the melonhead who proposed this brilliant strategy but it didn't work out correctly at all.

2. Okay, they brainstormed for a while through several generations and then they decided that Neanderthals would not survive a long term solar blackout compared with the deep refuges of the Melonheads and their monolithic structures. They detonated an implosion device in the supervolcano at Toba around 80,000 years ago. The Toba supervolcano caldera is the only one of its kind on the planet, consisting of a huge vaporized sphere that opened the eruption beneath it. The Sun was blacked out for twenty years and even the melonheads were starving by the time the surface was inhabitable again. They then discovered that the Neanderthals had been building fantastic subterranean tunnels that ran the length of Europe and reached as far as Turkey. Turns out the Neanderthals were the most incredible survivalists of all time and several decades of no summers and no sun rolled off their backs like water off a duck. The melonheads realized that after a million years of routine hibernation the Neanderthals were probably better equipped than they were to survive such an event.

3. The melonhead who suggested the drastic Toba plan probably took a long walk off a short plank and his successor knew he'd better get it right this time. They planned and researched for a long time before they made their final powerpoint presentation to the general committee. They proposed developing a new bioweapon on two legs from a mixture of their slave classes, genes from Neanderthals and some rhesus monkeys as well as some other odd junk that science still is having trouble trying to figure out how that could possibly be in our genome. The new  creature would be customized for only one real purpose in life and that would be to exterminate Neanderthals one-by-one, even pursuing them into their caves on foot if necessary. They would breed like rabbits and be so regimented and autocratic they would scarcely even be called human. They would simply sweep Europe starting at the southern tip and when the job was done, all kinds of safety locks were introduced into their genetic design that would make certain they would never be able to organize themselves into anything formidable enough to challenge melonhead rule. One of these safety measures was to sever the corpus callosum between the left and right halves of the brain so that they would still be capable of very complex behaviors but would never really be able to integrate their consciousness.

The third solution worked like a charm except for one glitch. The Sapiens took the beautiful Neanderthal women as war captives and the children were made into a permanent slave caste. This became a self-reinforcing adaptive mechanism because of all the feuding Sapiens tribes it was the ones with the huge Neanderthal slave populations that easily overcame everyone else. In short order the Neanderthals were mythologized as the Tuatha De Danann and widely credited later as being the source of all craft, civilization and progress even as the Neanderthal hybrids were reduced to chattel subsistence for countless tens of thousands of years. The 'Thal was a despised creature treated with less respect than a dog, forbidden to look anyone in the eyes and likely made to sleep on the open ground outside the village at night. In the day, their clever hands manufactured weapons that were infinitely superior to those that humans could make themselves and then the 'Thals were deployed as shock troops at the start of every battle to soften up the opposition for easy conquests of tribes with no Neanderthal slaves of their own. The smartest tribes probably sent their 'Thal hounds in at night in surprise raids on other villages because their night vision was better and the 'Thal could fight extremely well at the witching hour for a variety of reasons, not least of which the projectile weapons which had originally killed them at a distance were useless in darkness. This gave rise to legends of the Neanderthals as werewolves and night spirits who were intensely feared by peoples who had no such soldiers in their own tribes.

In the modern era, all the subconscious relationships between the three groups persist to this day. Melonheads and Sapiens automatically think of the Neanderthal as their conquered servants even though their entire existence depends on his innovativeness, problem solving ability and creative energies. The Neanderthal is a kind of "living ghost" who leads a rootless, transient existence offering his labor whenever people are desperate enough to require it (which is often) in all major technical, mechanical, scientific and engineering tasks. The 'Thals either break their chains and achieve independence or else they are their brother's servant, as Isaac elegantly prophesizes to his son Esau as a metaphor in Genesis. Civilizations settle into a predictable pattern lasting roughly 200 years divided into ten generations of men. The first 100 years the Neanderthals build everything up ... and the second 100 years the melonheads and their slaves proceed to tear it all to pieces and bring it down. The net result for history is a recurring tragedy that goes nowhere and never achieves any lasting progress in anything.

The entire planet suffered some enormous upheaval around 12,000 years ago that took a huge toll on the existing social order and in the ten millennia that followed the melonheads were never able to achieve the levels of control they had previously, although pharaonic Egypt came close for a while. By the time the Romans enslaved the Greeks and started their reich the whole human population was starting to lose the brain mass they had stolen through the organized rape of the Neanderthal woman and intelligence was in sharp decline everywhere. The minor dawn of the Renaissance and Enlightenment peaked in a nadir that was the briefest yet in the history of world civilizations and it was rapidly becoming apparent that "the future" was an increasingly difficult organization to provide staffing for. The long term trend was down and back to the mud for the human gene pool and some days it looked like a race to the bottom for everyone. The only real hope for mankind was the end of the Holocene and a return to a colder planet that selected for sharper minds instead of just sharper tongues.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whacky, Krazy Scienmajistics

Wherein we casually discover that fossil layers mixed in with fossils that don't fit the prevailing orthodoxy are simply ignored for the past two hundred years.

Correct. I first began to suspect this in the early 90's from some of the books I read back then.

These ideas don't support creationism. Far from it. They flatly contradict it.

The general picture is so outrageously contradictory to everything we have been taught to believe that it can be expected we would have to wait a generation for most of it to sink in and only then in children who are taught a different paradigm.

For example ... there is more and more evidence that dinosaurs lived in cold climates. Not all of them. Only a very few of them. This directly opposes the notion of the tropical paradise that was needed to support them. The evidence says dinosaurs were pretty tough and may have thrived (some species) in glacial climates. I don't pretend to know how. It should be obvious that the assumption they were cold-blooded may have some glaring holes in it. There are more and more serious thinkers starting to believe they were covered with colorful plumages of feathers (not scales) to insulate them in both cold and hot climates. Imagine how different they may have looked in reality compared to all those old Ray Harryhausen films. One imagines these huge birdlike creatures who tended to sort of "float" with a lot of air-time even before any of them got wings. How likely they used those feathers in sexual and ritual displays like peacocks, puffed up when frightened, puffed out when excited? About 100% likely. That demolishes most of the stuff we have been taught about the past ... in fact, it all starts to appear quite stupid and juvenile thinking compared to the real past. Far from this crazy, brutal dog-eat-dog reptilian world, it starts to make dinosaurs seem like gigantic muppets, kind of funny, perhaps quite social, full of personality and who knows how much expressiveness? Like birds, plenty of posturing but actually quite rare to really fight. The worst heresy is that some are starting to suggest the mighty T-Rex to be way too puny in his arms to do much hunting - more likely he was a scavenger who just looked around for dead carcasses to pick at like hyenas do. No shortage of dinosaurs dying of natural causes and so sooner were the mourners exiting than the ridiculous tiny biceps T-Rex rolling up to eat the remains like a neighborhood garbage disposal. A three story tall vulture, maybe ... and not the horrible carnivore predator we were always taught.

Of course, once you start to consider this possibility, it rapidly leads to the conclusion that birds didn't "evolve" as some special instance, rather they were just dinosaurs who got better and better at gliding - or possibly descended from a single mutant dinosaur with hollow bones and long breast muscles. The whole image of "evolution" gives way to a much wilder set of scenarios far beyond the timid imaginations of both neo-darwinists and creationists. This is a pretty marvelous universe and living things may be much grander in scale than the simple minds left in the West can even comprehend.

Green Tea Shuts Down Mycoplasma!

Pretty interesting research.

It occurs to me this might be the core of the beneficial effects from drinking green tea which have formerly remained elusive.This might be the primary benefit instead of just another observation on its effects.

I'm sold. I'm going to start drinking more of it.

I Had A Feeling This One Was Coming

What was the bizarre relationship between Peter Sutcliffe and this guy Savile?

It is obvious now, that Jimmy was doing everything he could for his accomplice in order to keep him quiet after he went to prison.

The police in Britain would have to be the biggest clowns in the universe. Notice no real arrests have come from all these revelations. This guy Savile was point man for a huge army of preverts and they must have covered for him the same way he covered for Sutcliffe. Pay attention and you will see it is only dead people who are exposed, after they have lived a long life and died in a warm bed. Professional courtesy from one monster to another. The cabal takes care of its own and rewards them generously.

P.S. Ten seconds after this was posted, this blog got a hit from the City of London IP. That indicates to me a 'bot watching this blog for keywords.

The Kwanstain Is Becoming A Creepy Place

Similar to the celebrity in the movie "V For Vendetta," criticizing the emperor meets with swift retribution.

Kenyans can't handle criticism and they don't really understand the notion of freedom of speech. They believe that means they are free to say whatever they want - for everybody else, the consequences should be dire. Obama's government has used State power as a cudgel on the heads of all its critics in a fashion so brutal it has started to seem like an undeveloped nation in Africa where a guy with a bunch of medals hanging off him tortures anybody who even makes a joke at his expense.

Kwanstainians are creepy people who say creepy, disturbing things

Friday, February 7, 2014

Psychopaths & Sociopaths Can't Hide It

They think they can but they cannot.

Rearguard actions by chickenhawks in the First Israeli Typing Corps. They send others to fight one another but their plan is to die in a warm bed at a ripe old age of natural causes. They themselves have never even fired a gun in many cases, never served in the military as a soldier, never known a moment of real fear in their lives.

Death and murder and destruction and killing and bombs and assassination and torture and grief and misery and horror are all sources of entertainment for these unique individuals.

They are what Homo Sapiens calls leadership.

Something is wrong. Think about it. If you have a better explanation than what we have provided here at Vault-Co we'd love to hear it.

Either way ... something is wrong with this species. Something is wrong. As always, we were a little ahead of the power curve here at Vault-Co but there are more and more people waking up to the obvious.

There's something wrong with this species of hominid. It just does not seem to be the case that this animal has a natural origin. There are too many unnatural qualities in the makeup of this rude beast. It has animal qualities - all the worst ones. One has to wonder how on earth this creature could have possibly survived a million years of cold weather with this peculiar character makeup. That doesn't appear to have happened.

An honest appraisal that is objective would suggest they are slaves who have survived the demise of their masters. In the vacuum that follows, the people who have rushed into the void left by the masters who have vanished are the most violent, cunning and vicious of the slave population they are drawn from. Invariably these slaves then end up controlled behind the scenes by the real surviving descendants of the masters. Why do these real masters like to conduct their rule from the shadows through the agency of the most inferior slaves? Because they are very few in number and they have to be very shrewd. Once there were many masters but now there are only a tiny percentage left of the original population and they have had to use powerful indirect mechanisms of control where once they ruled nakedly in the open through their raw power and the armies that served them.

Both the leaders ... and the followers ... all seem to have skipped much of the debugging and quality assurance that could be expected for creatures that would have survived that long on this planet. They resemble alpha versions that were deployed as broken from the beginning without any testing. It is enormous contempt for God to blame him for such shoddy handiwork. If they were God's product they'd be Neanderthals.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All Previous Cold Record Temperatures Shattered In Kwa

A shame about that Maunder Minimum

Once the measurements improved dramatically the evidence from ice cores revealed that a new Ice Age usually comes on in less than twenty years, sometimes as quickly as three days.

The evidence shows this climate shift can be traced ultimately to a fluctuation in the background cosmic radiation. This background "field" changes the absorption and release of heat by plasma in the Sun at the same time it alters cloud cover on Earth, blocking incoming sunlight from reaching the planet's surface. It also alters the magnetic field called the Heliosphere that the Earth shares with the Sun leading to dramatic changes in the molten core of the planet and in tectonic forces worldwide, most importantly on the ocean floor where it begins to heat the deepest water.

If that sounds like an awful lot of change at once, you're right. It becomes obvious why climate shifts to new Ice Ages are so sudden.

Seeing these relationships in the natural order is a kind of evolutionary survival test. Homo Sapiens has failed that test utterly. Seven billion people worrying about global warming the last twenty years is the worst kind of biological washout. It is a kind of expulsion from survival university and you cannot enroll again after a grace period.

You will start to see why the Neanderthals were born winners for a million years. Homo Sapiens makes fun of them because they are so often found in deep caves with stores of food and access to fresh water. Saps is like a grasshopper puzzled at the behaviour of ants. The Neanderthal could be regarded as class valedictorian of survival university. They were naturals. They beat every single thing this planet could throw at them for one million years and came through with flying colors. Wonder why I think somebody deliberately threw Homo Sapiens at them? What are the odds of blind nature coming up with the one unique kind of animal that could have defeated them and dumping them suddenly at the southern tip of Europe? Homo Sapiens appears first at the starting line into Neanderthal territory. Saps has no pedigree. There is no evidence he existed anywhere else. He just dropped in out of the clear blue sky right at the start of the Holocene in exactly the right place to exterminate 'Thals. What are the odds? A just-so story.

The tragedy is that the Neanderthals were the good ones. Everything about them was about as nice as people would be willing to believe. They were as gentle and kind as they were honest, loyal and brave. Homo Sapiens is almost like their evil doppleganger, the opposite of them in every way ... including being prudent, wise and farsighted. That is why the human race is not prepared for the coming Ice Age.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Speech In Japan

Shut up.

In declining civilizations, people try to solve problems by pretending they don't exist. Predictably, this is not a good strategy. Some problems don't go away until you solve them.

The mark of young civilizations is that the people in them are daring, bold and fearless. They seize on problems and rinse them clean and throw them out with the morning trash as just another thing they won't be worrying about.

I find it interesting that people who are so scared they cannot face any of their problems eventually create situations that would even scare the hell out of people who are normally fearless. This is what comes of just ignoring things until they get so bad they cannot be ignored any longer. My country is famous for doing this - you could consider Australia a nation of people who have procrastinated dealing with any problems in a serious fashion for more than three generations. Tony Abbott may be the first prime minister since the 1950's who has set himself an agenda to cope with priority problems without flinching. I hope he succeeds in dealing with the train wreck he was left by the former administration.

India Is Another Flashpoint For WW3

Like Taiwan and the entire Middle East, it is a tinderbox capable of igniting a fire that will spread to the whole world around it.

Geopolitical tensions are looking more and more similar to 1914 the longer you consider the parallels. The incredible thing about World War One is that it began with a single assassination and engulfed all of Europe.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Babylonian Ark Was Circular

Before it was circular, it may have been something even stranger.

It may have been a vault.

Scripture holds more mysteries and a bigger legacy than can possibly be imagined. Things are not always what they seem in scripture - sometimes they are much more.

Changing Demographics In The 'Stain

Get used to it, you will see a lot more like it

I noticed when I worked up in Harlem - everything that happened in the world, happened due to boogens, haunts and "speerts." It was never some employee had left the back door open - no, it was always a malevolent force that had caused it to be ajar.

As the demographics shift in the Kwa, you better get used to even police and law enforcement getting in on the action - here the cops are actually countenancing this gibberish. Notice the "demons" use ghetto vernacular "OUTTA HERE!" because that's all the sophistication you can expect with the grammatical ranges of speech recognized by the "witnesses." When Europeans reported demonic activity during the Dark Ages they claimed they heard Latin and Greek - these guys hear "HEY."

This is the way they roll every day back in the 'Freaka. Everything is evil forces and exorcisms because remembering to lubricate machines regularly is hard, but blaming their malfunctions on invisible creatures is easy. As soon as Mugabe's thugs had murdered the farmers and taken possession of the farms, everything on them became mysteriously inoperable after these farms had run smoothly for the past 100 years. It was all the fault of demons and witches.

I'd laugh hard at this article but I have a matching sentiment to cry when I read it. Pathetic. An offense against human dignity everywhere. Some people should go back up into the trees, it ain't working out for them down here on the ground and it probably never will.