Monday, February 24, 2014

Hoplophobic Marxist Nut Gets His Pink Slip

Because you are boring, Piers. Really, really boring. It is like listening to Liberace list his wardrobe for an hour.

I can't understand why this is the best shill the gun-grabbers in the New World Order could find. His arguments were terrible and they made you want to shoot him just in order to humanely put him out of his misery. His ideas about government were no better than you would expect from some guy you meet sitting on the bus. Appalling to think he believed he merited his own show. His general notions about the world made it seem like he had been trapped in a time warp since the 1970's. A guy who simply doesn't get out much and most of what he knows he got from media newsrooms talking to horribly naive fellow British journalists who still believe socialism has certain charms to commend it. If you look up "twit" in the UK dictionary they have a little photo of this guy beside the definition.

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