Thursday, February 20, 2014

Genetics Is A Little More Complex Than Ordinary People Will Ever Be Able To Understand

This is a good summary of the new paradigm I began to absorb about six years ago.

Genes don't do what people think they do. They don't work the way they think they work. They are more like holograms than you would be willing to believe.

They don't blend like paints. They don't mix necessarily when crossed. As plant growers will tell you, they often seem to be quite stubborn about their inherent nature to the point where you can never say for certain you have hybridised anything perfectly. Given their own lead, they tend to revert back to what they really are. A thing seems to insist on being that thing, almost as if its original record is the most important to it. This blows a mile wide hole in neo-darwinist evolutionary ideas.

If any of my ideas is really difficult to accept it is the notion that after the Neanderthal people were mass genocided, cannibalised, taken as war captives and gang-raped for thousands of years and the children made into chattel slaves … that the essential Neanderthal nature remains largely untouched. Given half a chance and the right climate, I believe that the current "hybrids" would simply revert back to Neanderthals. Without the constant beatdown of Sapiens and Melonheads and their boots to their throats, the Neanderthal would just wander off, form smaller extremely successful tribes of xenophobic elitists and once again dominate the planet through sheer attrition.

Something of the frustration about the immortality of the Enkidu comes through in Humbaba's Curse in The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is almost as if the "gods" have given up on the notion this creature could ever be destroyed so they have resolved to make it suffer as horrible an existence as is possible. In some ways, the curse is a white flag of surrender, conceding the Neanderthal is, was and will forever be. Apparently whoever originally authored this story was well aware you just can't keep the rodeo clown down because there is something about him that is innately magical. No matter how many times he gets thrown off the bull and butted, he has a way of returning on you. This is why I say, the Neanderthal must have friends in high places. Whoever created them decided that they would never perish, no matter what happened. They are the originals and the best and there is no substitution.

It is not magical, however. There is a very simple explanation for it. The Neanderthal is the best adapted biped for long term inhabitation of this planet. They are not designed for a week or ten years or just to survive the Holocene or to last for a single summer like grasshoppers. They are designed to last forever on a planet like the one we live on. Forever.


Grognard said...

They make a big mistake when they think coding genes are the important ones. That is like the 'dats' not the instructions. The RNA is shown to be what controls intelligence, and is probably more like the instruction codes for DNA.

People are just unbearably stupid. The fact this is become accepted by so many scientists proves it.

Amy said...

The evidence for a Creator mounts, and mounts, for a generation of people who have forgotten Scripture, or written it off as evil, backwards, uninformed by "science" or plain too simple for us enlightened modern folks.

Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:9 are explicit about not hybridizing species and screwing with the divine choreography of life.

And the Nephilim-human hybrids...sometimes I wonder what I would not give to have a glimpse into the times of the Ancients to understand what they were doing. Often, I think I'm actually living through such a time but we have no real leaders to encode a Law or describe its raison d'etre for the current crop.

GMO foods are the penultimate attempt to circumvent nature's processes. Why "penultimate"? Because it won't stop at plants. It won't stop at lesser sentient beings. It won't stop until humans have become GMO'd, in defiance of the laws of nature and of God, who ordained them. GMO cannot be safe because it defies natural order. It is a perverted apotheosis, man become god and deigning to determine the course of events of living beings...knowledge divorced of wisdom, always sounding a death knell.

August said...

I do see a problem with mate selection. Not many women appear to show Neanderthal traits, especially before marriage. After marriage, sometimes after childbirth, there seems to be a 'conversion' and they start behaving. This is problematic to your theory- if they don't select for Neanderthal traits previous to marriage reversion will, if managed at all, at least take a lot longer.

Luke said...

I remember reading a book about cell replication when I was a kid, the section on DNA replication blew me away. So many complex interlocking processes, all happening automatically. I always thought it was ridiculous to assume ~90% of our DNA is "junk."

I know that DNA appears to be organized into 3 nucleotide words called codons. There is even a start and stop codon. This reminds me of assembly code.

Tex, in your experience, how similar is DNA to computer code? The paradigm seems to fit. I imagine we might one day create a genetic programming language that compiles into DNA, maybe even runs in a biological emulator.

Texas Arcane said...


This is why the design of the neural system is critical in the first 24 months. Again and again you will find really bright people born to fairly mediocre people and it is clearly epigenetic expression. We know that extended pregnancy, good nutrition and certain lines carry the codes for higher intelligence but it appears something is needed to trigger their expression in the first two years of life. Without this trigger it appears the human being is doomed to live as Homo Sapiens instead of having any sense.

It used to be that a good educational system at least tried to teach enough basic reality to make good citizens of people but that is long gone. Left to their own devices people grow up to be really dense.

Texas Arcane said...


It looks to be a byte code similar to Java except processing a couple million streams of execution at the same time, many of those streams conditional threads that run for as long as the controllers think they need to - a microsecond or the lifetime of the biological lifeform.

Texas Arcane said...


This is the reason native IQ and brain size have been in decline for 20,000 years.

Ave said...

Sorry but I can't resist this:

Oh Vey !

We the Thals are truly God's chosen. Today we suffer from slavery under the Melonhead Pharaohs and the subhumans, non-chosen Sapiens.

But one day Our Lord will make the Red Sea freeze solid, and then the others shall perish. After a difficult time of adjustment, we will reap the earth as our promised land, where summers are much like Glasgow winters.

njartist said...

Read your article first, then later read this on the masculinization of the American female and the feminization of the male.
Apparently the mind has a long term affect on the physical appearance, even the bone structure, which continues into progeny.

samhuih said...

Ave said...

"Sorry but I can't resist this:

Oh Vey !..."

Ha Ha. Very good.

AJ said...

You seen this before Tex?

AJ said...

Ancient Giant footprint in South Africa