Friday, February 28, 2014

Born Confused, Then Downhill From There

Spike Lee, notorious racist, bitching about ghetto flats getting purchased for a million dollars a pop.

Even if something miraculously good happened to black people, would they know?

I've lived there. It looked like a demilitarized zone following a campaign of organised carpet bombing being reclaimed by crawling ivy. The streets were choked ankle deep with AIDs-infected syringes and crack pipes. I traveled to and from my apartment at noon, when black people are all sleeping. I locked the door and blacked out the windows so nobody would know who lived in there. I was there for three months and it felt exactly like living in a war zone hidden under the floor of a barn. I heard gunfire and angry yelling all night long. Twice people beat on my door looking for somebody who had moved away years ago. Nobody was more pleased when I moved out of that dump. I considered it practice for a post-apocalyptic environment.

Some of these black families have been paid enough money for these post-atomic ruins they live in to retire happily for the rest of their lives and leave a big sum of money to their kids. They probably will enjoy lives of ease sheerly rewarded for evacuating a huge blighted dump while you continue to work for a living.

It still isn't sufficient for Spike. Remember kids, hating people because of the colour of their skin is wrong, at least if you are white. Everybody else is fine with it. That means anti-racism is really nothing but anti-white, the worst kind of racism of them all because it is vile racism based on envy, malice and spite, nothing more. Don't hate us for being beautiful because it means that you must be ugly as sin. Never forget that hating whites for their virtues is the same as nakedly hating the Neanderthal for his or her race. It is the vilest sort of racism and bigotry.

Spike can't stand the fact that white gentrification has transformed his public sewer into a beautiful suburban sanctuary where mothers feel safe walking their babies at 3 am in the morning, formerly the practice of people who had arbitrarily decided to commit suicide. Maybe Spike liked it better when they had shot out the streetlights and used to drag single mothers coming home from work into the crack houses nearby and gangrape them for days before killing them. That must be the "culture" he wants to preserve.

I remember coming off the train late one evening because of poor timing and hearing some girl screaming way off across the blocks at midnight and thinking the only thing that could ever fix this toilet is a tactical nuclear weapon airburst at 500 meters. Turns out, I was wrong. Just moving the inhabitants out of it seems to have fixed it up fine.

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