Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome To The End Of The Holocene


theepilgrim said...

And now the leftist media reaction: "Yeah, it's cold, so?"

There's only two possible responses to this level of stupidity: laughter or anger. Personally, I choose the former, it's better for mental health. In fact, I think when historians attempt to chronicle this bizarre episode of human history, they won't be able to stop laughing long enough to actually put pen to paper.

(on a side note, there could not be a better example of the feminization of the American white "male" than Chris Hayes. It's comically surreal watching this genetic misfire talk as if it had any understanding of how the world works. History has shown clearly that when soft-bellied creatures like this are put on a pedestal and treated as if their opinions actually hold value, the end of that civilization has already begun)

olebob said...

thepilgrim said...
"There's only two possible responses to this level of stupidity: laughter"

Yup. Leftists are the bottom of the bell curve. Morons with loud screechy mouths. Whenever they get power, disaster always results.

Speaking of laughing at leftists:

Joy from Freedom Farm

Grognard said...

I used to doubt, but using my logic brain a bit I realized all the desertification like sahara popping up is due to global cooling in the first place making things more dry.

So this is it, co2 or not, we are really headed into ice age times. Pretty sobering.

styrac said...

"It’s a deadly freeze too, and stark reminder of how low temperatures – not ‘warming’, poses the greatest threat to human survival in the Northern hemisphere."