Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right. Other 7 Billion People On Earth Were Wrong.

Told you so.

If Stephen Hawkings had not been able to pull off his fantastic performance art rendition of a brilliant physicist confined to a wheelchair he would have been out on the street with his entire family as a gimp who failed his exams and was too confused to even hold down the most menial of day jobs. Another Luftmensche who staged a million dollar scam and then admitted he fabricated the whole thing out of cloth. Does this mean he will give the money back? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that.

Think of how many people qualified for real work in physics are driven off by this pack of charlatans and frauds who dominate the sciences now.


theepilgrim said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Tex, but you were hardly alone in recognizing black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the entire convoluted mess that is the big bang theory as being nothing more than the mindless ravings of dribbling half-wits. Even Ptolemy's geocentric universe had a stronger foothold in reality.

The great irony though is that the big bang's popularity is largely due to it being adopted by atheists because it somehow disproves the existence of God, yet the whole thing was concocted by a Jesuit priest named Georges Lemaitre, in an attempt to make observations fit with his religious beliefs.

deadman said...

"... because it somehow disproves the existence of God..."

Regardless of one's own personal religious &/or scientific views; the mere idea of an omnipotent deity is a being who can do it all.

Creation? - the omnipotent deity did it.

Evolution? - the omnipotent deity did it.

'Big bang'? - the omnipotent deity did it.

Mass 3D virtual reality simulation? - the omnipotent deity did it.

Everything just appearing out of nothing? - the omnipotent deity did it.

This all being someone's wild dream? - the omnipotent deity did it.

& so on & so forth.

Never could quite understand how scientists would try to disprove that which they cannot measure... (spiritual realm).

- deadman.

samhuih said...

Another interesting science theory.

The only reason it interest me is they claim,"There is an electromagnetic model of the atom, with a mathematical model and universal force law whose 4th derivative is gravity."

This immediately pricks my interest. G.Harry Stine studied the Dean Drive a supposed inertial drive (no elements needing expulsion for reaction). He actually felt one Dean built on a linoleum floor. It was a box with wheels on it. When powered it would roll forward. He pushed on it while powered and it would push him back. Mind you the box was on free rolling wheels. Anyways they came up with a theory to explain it. The theory stated that inertia or force could be created by the instantaneous acceleration of accelerating objects. Same as particles in a particle accelerator gaining mass. Maybe they are just gaining inertia. They called it the 3rd derivative(acceleration alone being the second derivative) but they didn't take into account atoms as the first.

They also claim it takes care of the dark matter problem. It also gets away from mathematical paper unphysical physics and returns to real physical model method.