Monday, January 27, 2014

Theodore Dalrymple, Jim Penman

It has been my minor distinction over the years to introduce Vault-Co readers to many important thinkers who have been buried by the mainstream. I am proud to have brought many of them to the attention of others who might have otherwise missed them because of the efforts of the orthodoxy to make them into un-persons who never existed as in the heyday of the Soviet regime.

I discovered Theodore Dalrymple (real name Anthony Daniels) in the same year as Lewis Mumford. Theodore is a unique sort of officially dispossessed thinker in that he was formerly the toast of the ruling class before he began to make too much sense for their tastes. In the 1960's they used these writers as spearhead curmudgeons in the cultural war but as with so many bolshevists who were prominent in the early part of the revolution in Russia, they were later struck off the books as too counter-revolutionary. Theodore was replaced with far more radical militant, proselytizing atheists when he was recognized as far too conciliatory and found consistent praise for traditional Western values above other cultures.

What he has also proven to be is eerily prophetic, in contrast to the current stable of State propagandists who are never accurate at predicting anything, which is to be expected since their models of reality are the product of secular insanity. Long before the coming of the Chav in Britain, Dalrymple was warning of the ease with which Islam would appeal to the native British and easily supplant their bulwark in Christianity when the time was ripe. He also pointed out that where the muslims had failed at conquering Europe after the collapse of Byzantine Rome they would almost certainly succeed with simple fertility a millennium later under the doctrines of the multi-kult. Oh sure you're saying, all the State barrel organs play this tune now ... except Dalryrmple was warning about these things in the late 60's long before it became fashionable or career-wise. In fact, when it became obvious that Theodore could once again serve the interests of official party line it was too late - he had already been struck off as irrelevant.

I find him infinitely refreshing and as a Christian can admire a man's consistency even if he is without faith. Dalrymple is one of those people who simply built his credibility up by writing regularly about whatever struck him as important long before anyone was paying him to do so. We are told that anyone who speaks the truth on any subject is speaking with the spirit of God, who is not the author of confusion. We can contrast such men with the mainstream, who never make sense on any subject no matter what they say.

Here's Jim Penman. The most brilliant book I ever read on the human condition cost me fifty cents at a garage sale. It was called The Hungry Ape and it was by Jim Penman, the Australian who founded Jim's Mowing in Australia. Read the article and you'll see why Australia is not a meritocracy. Even if Australians have the occasional superhuman genius born in their midst (and they do, probably more frequently than most nations) they lack the temerity to even recognize these people or provide them with anything resembling a path to some livelihood. Like Jim, the smartest ones make their own opportunities. The reporter who wrote this ugly smear piece on Jim was not bright enough to realize just who he was talking to. Compared to Jim Penman he is not much more than an ape that can walk on its hind legs, trust me. Whatever Australians tell you about this guy ... believe me when I say that this guy is probably one of the ten brightest human beings currently alive on this planet. Recognizing the triggers in the mammalian brain that react to the calories in the food supply is somewhere on par with discovering that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the other way around. If I ran the Nobel committee this guy would have taken home at least one of them by now.

Jim, by the way, is clearly an "MT" - Melonhead front, Thal back, a product of interbreeding between the original Melonheads and Neanderthals. You can see facial features like the retreating periorbital socket of his eye combined with the large, long forehead to contain a pretty big brain. Jim looks remarkably like my father, who looks remarkably like Colin Wilson, who looks remarkably like Wernher Von Braun, who looks remarkably like me and I look remarkably like Koanic Soul. A coincidence all around to be sure. Either that or we are all descended from a very narrow group of people in Europe with a different shoulders-to-hip ratio, wavy hair, extraordinarily high native intelligence, surprising genetic symmetry and a propensity to nosebleeds when under stress, also known as hematochromia. Or else, Occam's Razor ... we are all slight genetic variations from the Amud Neanderthal tribe that merged its survivors into the Basque.

There is something black-and-white in the way Penman views the world. He comes across as a literal person, with few social graces. He does not do small talk. He does not try to lighten an interview with laughter. People around him say Penman has Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism that limits the ability to communicate.

With Sapiens, you get the psychoanalysis for free. Anybody smarter than a Sapiens is suffering from some form of retardation. Rather than clearly being direct, straightforward and focused on information, instead Sapiens says that such people have mild brain damage. Saps is a large tribe animal, mainly devoted to quantity and appearances. Quality comes from other hominid races. Quantity is about theatrics and performance. Quality is about the facts and reality. According to Saps, only retarded people can concentrate on the actual subject at hand. Superior means not being able to remember exactly what the topic was you were talking about ten seconds after you have begun speaking.


The Social Pathologist said...

I started blogging because of him. I wanted to tell the world that same sort of stuff that he was writing about was happening here in my bit of the World. I've digressed since then.

samhuih said...

Thanks for the references. Theodore Dalrymple I've read a lot of. He's Jewish so he doesn't mention that angle but he's a straight shooter on the decline of our civilization. Jim Penman I haven't heard of. I'm not so sure he's right about epigenetics being the reason for the falling of civilizations. Not that epigenetics is meaningless. I wish I knew what he was proposing we take to boost all this epigenetic goodness.He also says that the aborigines in Australia can be changed to be successful. Hmm... maybe there's a limit to everything.
On the other hand Australia was largely settled by convicts and they seem to be doing fine if they can just be left alone. A little know fact. The State of Georgia was also founded by convicts. Not sure about all the other States in the US but they probably had a large influx of convicts also. Amazing that people who did so bad in one place could flourish in other places. The Scots and Scots-Irish seem to be very good at settling frontiers but not so good at being hemmed in by civilization.

I read about someone studying all the empires in history. He found that when it became successful everyone moved there and when the population of the original founders fell enough the whole thing came apart.

What influences epigenetics? Here's a post on gut bacteria having profound influence on the health of mice. I think the paper is talking about the same type gut bacteria that I've talked about being influenced by resistant starch. (plain potato starch one source). I left a comment there and a link to a paper that verifies some of this.

Amy said...

Holy heavens, Tex, reading that piece on Penman made me feel like someone transcribed my secret musings.

Hormonal changes in response to food/climate. Exactly. I've thought this/known this for years, even journaled about it (analog), but only as a thought exercise. I never researched it or made any specific, founded connections until I read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Price. The pieces came together quickly.

Surveying the anthropology available on various peoples and their climates also brings it together. People are best suited for their environments - diet and behavior affect each other. Why is it un-PC, when TENS is true, Darwin was right, and genes rule everything? (tongue firmly planted in cheek, there).

Never heard of Penman until now, thanks for this piece.

Texas Arcane said...


Saving you some time reading - Penman's hypothesis is that people from Northern climates have much wider ranges of behaviour because of a wider range of coping mechanisms they have innately that can be triggered by diet and environment. In the original book I read he hinted that other parts of the globe did not need such wide swaths of adaptive behaviour so he seems to want to see with this new research if it is possible to challenge his previous assertion. I wouldn't rule it out, either. With a different hormonal balance you might see radically different changes in basic coping mechanisms. Wouldn't it be amazing if 24 hours after they got Jim;'s nasal spray, abs suddenly realized they live in a garbage tip and went door to door to organize a pickup of their surroundings? They could have the place cleaned up completely in 48 hours if they set their minds on it. That would actually be pretty wonderful.

Texas Arcane said...


Of all the times my fellow man has laughed at me he has never laughed harder than when I have described the benefits of eating raw potato slices or potato starches. I sensed they prepped the intestine to be cleaner and function better without really being absorbed that well.

I think Penman's hypothesis is that too much abundance of calories in the diet begins to tip the population weight in the r-selected direction, turning spoilt children into left-wing lunatics when they grow up. Simply cutting calories in the diet proves again and again to make people more conservative. Leftism is a disease you catch from eating too well with too little work for your meal. Your hormones change to make you into a person who then expects everything to be as easy as waiting to be fed by the "authorities" (parent surrogates).

JeffreyJerpp said...

What do you expect happens to 'thal children raised on a modern diet? I only ask because my childhood was marked by severe allergies and, of course, nosebleeds. Brilliant "scientists" have concluded 'thals simply had lots of diabetes and cancer, being retarded as they notoriously were.

Texas Arcane said...


I blame Neanderthals too. I blame them because they had to survive on actual food instead of sugar water like stick insects. It was the need of Neanderthals for actual protein and solid nutrients that has compromised the sugar absorption rates of modern people. I wish we could all subsist on twizzlers and Big Gulp soda buckets all day long instead of getting evil diabetes and cancer from these perfectly reasonable "food" sources.

Unknown said...

Some years after writing 'Hungry Ape' I approached Dr Tony Paolini at LaTrobe University to test some implications of the theory. He is now Professor of Psychology at RMIT University and running a major research program which has confirmed key predictions of the theory. We are currently chasing a pheromone which (in rats) dramatically improves maternal behavior and reduces interest in alcohol. 15 publications to date in high-ranking biomedical journals. If I'm right, this will change the world.

Two books near completion and due out later this year. Anyone interested is welcome to contact me on We are looking for test readers and useful contacts.

I also like Theodore Dalrymple.

Lugh said...

Penman is an efficiency expert. Like the old ads: does your secretary look like she's in slow motion? No doubt this leads to wealth and power. But it's not the Neanderthal inner directedness that you have described. Much more Melon Head like.

I find living by the clock AGONY. I'm much more like the Australoids but with a much better IQ.

Edward said...

Again seems to have a lot of the answers that you seek, or at the very least contains a coherent theory that explains what you are seeing occurring at the ground level.

It doesn't seem to take many generations of changing sexual selection practices (and possibly, overall climate, seasonal cycles, diet and environmental pollutants each play their own small parts) to completely alter the structure and behaviour of society.

Now whether you think the change is for the 'good' or for the 'bad' seems to depend entirely on your own underlying dynamic, (the author considers the current slow shift from hierarchical to egalitarian to be an improvement, but you'd no doubt consider him a leftist) but there seems to be little doubt that both masculine and feminine competing 'dynamics' have long existed within humanity, and subtle shifts back and forth within the population can have major consequences for society as a whole.

Seems to me this is the same underlying set of features that Stan Gooch was getting at in 'Total Man' etc., he linked the more feminine dynamic to the Neanderthal culture, but it seems like that's where your opinion and his divides.

Looking at other pieces of the puzzle it does seem like people with more Thal DNA are more likely/able to both mentally and physically shift back and forth between the two sides within their own lifespan, possibly down to dietary/hormonal and cultural influences. Understanding that explains quite a lot of what we see going on around us as well.

Texas Arcane said...


The hilarious thing about all Neanderthals is that everybody on the planet is always convinced they are loafers wasting time when they prove to have the highest rates of productivity again and again.

A short while ago it was common in IT for managers to tell the pet nerds like me to stop wasting time setting up test frameworks. "This job is too important to waste time with stuff like that. Maybe after version one we can look at it but until then I don't want to see programmers wasting time writing tests. Who told you guys to do stuff like this, anyway? It's just faffing about off the main path to getting the software completed. Testing ... man, you geeks are some screwballs with ADD. Concentrate on the task at hand, man."

Neanderthals are simultaneously the most relevant and least respected of all people on earth. After they change paradigms "Hey, I need to know if you undertsnad the importance of writing unit tests for your code. Lift your game, Cleve, you're traling behind best practice in this industry." Guys like me are always lectured by everybody else no matter what happens. "Get it together, Cleve. You're off with the fairies, man."

Texas Arcane said...


Sir, it is a great honor to have my humble blog visited by somebody who probably has a good credit rating. I advise you in the future please don't slum with marginal fringe nuts and petty ranteurs like myself.

I have been one of your greatest admirers for a long, long time. I've treasured your book for nearly 20 years since I first read it when arriving in Australia. I believe that despite the best efforts of others your work is going to change the world sooner or later.

jsl2837 said...

Hey Tex, think you made a typo here: "Jim, by the way, is clearly an "MT" - Melonhead front, Thal back"

MT is melon back, thal face, isn't it?

samhuih said...

I looked up Penman's book on a site that tells you the closest library where you can borrow a copy. HAH 6000 miles for me.

I can't believe you came up with the potato thing on your own, well i can, but it's odd.

I've been taking a tablespoon a day of potato starch in the morning and sometimes evening, when I remember. No big changes yet. I also have a friend with diabetes taking it.

Texas Arcane said...

"MT" - Melonhead back, Thal face.

Texas Arcane said...

Neanderthals have never been reliably identified with skulls larger than 1900cc. This is huge but it is dwarfed by melonhead skulls, including the pharoahs, which are rarely less than 2200 cc. This is the fine line between big brain and absurdly big brain.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mark. Feel free to contact me and I'll send you the first few chapters of my newest book. Biohistory has come a long way since Hungry Ape and we have some real solutions.

Lugh said...

Check out this Somali guy: Plate 20, Figure 1. Not at the Pharoahonic level, but definitely going in that direction. What would you estimate to be his capacity?

The guy has a shaved head. Yet the author, so meticulous in his description of the "fronts", totally ignores it. People just don't see what they don't expect to see. Nor do they wish to. Such specialization is more the province of insects than of real men.

samhuih said...

Lugh said...
That's an interesting page. He does look Pharoahonic(is that a word?).

I started reading the page a little. look at the text on Plate 27,FIG. 4. "...New Englander of Colonial British descent. This tall, slenderly built, ash-blond-haired Nordic is an extreme example of the Corded type which entered Britain first during the Bronze Age in conjunction with brachycephals, and later during the Iron Age as an element in the Nordic invading groups. Its presence in New England in 1938 can only be regarded as a complete reƫmergence..."
Interesting they would be the same. Could it be the diet/climate/environment caused this to come out or is it that type likes to explore and ends up in New England?

Lugh said...

I don't know what he means by corded. But I think the evidence is overwhelming that Nordic Man is the most adventurous and promethean. Just look at who does extreme sports.

Other groups have other gifts of course. And Nordic Man is too adventurous: he loses himself in the populations he conquers. And then they conquer him. Look at Chinese: what they conquer stays conquered.

But credit where credit is due: I doubt that America would have gone to the moon if we had been settled by Southern Europeans.

beachhutman said...

Anxious mothers makes sense. Weltanschauungskreig Leaks...a website I put together argues modern culture is saturated with trauma or sublimated trauma. The reason is Trauma disassociates everyone and shows some of the cultural tricks and assumed technical advances on post hypnotic commands for a minority. I as a male infiltrated a female psychiatric ward now I know what to look for. And it had found me or I would not have had the false pregnancy either. Above are two websites that set the journeo in context. msbnewsextra(dot)wordpress(dot)com shows how I had the first ward shut down completely. I may only by now be a notional agent but what keeps me in play is the now NSA Extreme Process (Psyops) whistle blown by Will Filer will never run out of opportunities to keep me traumatised with shill symptoms and false diagnoses..not that the trauma and the signs are not the same as in the real world, but they always come at my most forward advances. This week it is Huntingtons Chorea. I have come to know by feel when a symptom is presented to me and in 5 years none of them have lasted the course. I present this to you to confirm the role of anxiety in creating favourable trauma for "monarch programming" as it was once known, and as it "does not exist it isn't going to fight me for the ownership of monarchprogramming(dot)com
beachhutman on twitter has my more opportunistic subject interventions. Jim Penman seeing a mother's anxiety as being favourable to a society that can thus "prevail by being bigger "bastards" than any enemy" (aside: MK Ultra for example) is a quote from my mother! I have other behaviours noted in a mother and baby unit that support this perspective. Just don't tell me owl ornaments support mothers in vigilance or trustworthiness. Owls (Moloch) in history are a sublimated ancient meme or motif to terrify mothers with their real purpose, trauma of child sacrifice for non compliance, never mind surface textures or sentimental cover stories.