Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Little Animalcules of The Microcosm

The real victors of the "evolutionary" process always have the last word in any argument.

All humans can do is to try to build up their own internal strength to resist them because trying to wipe them out or to end their threat altogether is wasted energy. They ain't going nowhere. A part of this improvement in genetic stock includes recognizing disease vectors and avoiding them, which is another thing that Sapiens is just no damn good at.

The key to surviving disease is to do anything that promotes stronger humans, not weaker micro-organisms which will never happen. This is just another example of how the Neanderthal got it right and Homo Sapiens failed to even grasp the problem. What strength of the immune system that Sapiens has he got from his Neanderthal forebears because his own stock was weaker than a baby fart when it comes to resisting disease and infection. Of all the things that Jared Diamond wrote in GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL this was the closest he came to a useful insight. The other important point this idiot accidentally raised was how Europeans "just stumbled across" all these placid, easily managed ... domesticated ... animals in Europe when they showed up. Talk about convenience. The second mouse gets the cheese.


Ave said...

This made, the news the last few days in France. Strange coincidence, synchronicity, or not a coincidence ?

Publius said...

I totally agree with you Tex.

Tell me whether or not I am on the right or wrong track:

1. I never get the "flu vaccine," or allow my family to get it (those I have some influence over)
2. We take natural multivitamin supplements with "real superfoods" added
3. Vitamin D3
4. Astaxanthin
5. fish oil
6. little sugar/wheat
7. iodine supplement

I think I need to add more cold-weather, or just any weather, exercise to the mix. I bike to work if it above 0 degree F. What more can I do?

Oh yeah - no antibacterial soaps allowed in the house.

Texas Arcane said...


+9 hours of sleep in a totally dark room each night kept comfortably cool. You will never get sick again, trust me. Also, take a teaspoon of honey right at bedtime. It puts you into a rejuvenation coma.

Publius said...

@Tex: Honey? Really... interesting.
I know that honey is a great topical healing agent...

So the evil effects ascribed to sugar do not apply to honey?

I will try it

Final final question on this post:
What do you thin of colloidal silver and such things? I'm going to conduct my own experiments with controls at home in vitro... I'll let you know the results some months from now.

Publius said...

Oh, sleep-- I was not getting enough sleep for months, trying to do too much. Boy, did lack of sleep make me feel like dog poo... You have convinced me to never do that again.

JeffreyJerpp said...

^Scientific confirmation of genetic memory. Would bet anything 'thals had very advanced capacity for it. Would account for the particularly sharp foresight associated with those genes.

Grognard said...

If anything, the fact that most the disease resistance proves africa is not any real evolution point. This is not some sophisticated specialization, it's at a very basic biological level.

I can't say I am totally sorry to see disease doing what it does to stupid people naturally, either.

Jonathan said...

About honey for sleep:

There's been a long series of recent posts on this topic at Seth Robert's blog:

A lot of folks there are reporting that 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of honey works really well for sleep. Seth also reported large strength improvements (probably as a result of the improved sleep?). I've tried it a couple of times, with good results, but not often enough to be sure it's a trend.